India narrative presents huge opportunities in the post-Covid world: Manoj Ladwa, CEO, India Inc. Group

Manoj Ladwa, Founder & CEO, India Inc. Group and chief architect of India Global Week 2020 tells ET’s Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury that the initiative will create a constructive narrative about India and opportunities it presents in a post-Covid world.

1. What is the key objective of India Global Week 2020 and how does it further PM Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative?

A. We want to present a constructive narrative about India, its opportunities, and especially in this year’s edition – India’s emerging role in a post-Covid world. With over 10,000 global participants from 52 countries its truly a global event, and just shows the huge interest there is to engage with India and Indian businesses from around the world. India Global Week is a platform to share ideas, explore opportunities, and to forge lasting partnerships.

2. How in your opinion will India Global Week help to shape India’s geo-political priorities amid the ongoing flux and battle between USA and China.

A. The scale of the event, the range of topics and speakers is testimony to the fact that India has a multi-faceted role to play in global revival. It is not hinged on any one issue or bi-lateral relationship. Our four partner countries of Australia, Singapore, UK, and USA and their business leaders have shown tremendous engagement in India Global Week, and forms a clear partnership of those who have shared values and ambitions.

3. India-EU Summit will be held in mid-July. How do you think India can emerge as the preferred partner for Europe across sectors amid Europe’s weakening links with USA and differences with China.

A. India has steadily over the years been regarded as an increasingly important partner for the EU. It always has been for the UK. I think you will see a major push for preferential trade agreements both with the EU and the UK in the coming months. The more I speak with officials and business leaders, I get a clear message that India is regarded as a trustworthy and bankable partner.

4. Can India emerge as the global hub for pharma. What in your opinion should be done to get investments in sectors where India have strengths.

A. I think the Covid crisis has only helped to underline and showcase India’s strengths in the pharma sector. I believe now is the time for India to build significant capacity in producing APIs and invest heavily in healthcare R&D. India’s market size coupled with the deep structural reforms that the Modi government has initiated over the past 6 years will start bearing fruit. Radically changing a large and complex economy like India’s can’t happen overnight. I think global investors recognize this and will be willing to redouble their interests across sectors. I have little doubt about this.


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