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Following the botched up ‘sting operation’ by India Today, which tried to falsely depict alleged left-wing students as ABVP members and implicate them for the crimes that the left-wing forces unleashed on January 5 inside campus, the India Today has suffered a massive meltdown and has indulged in attempts to brazen it out despite being caught red-handed.

On Sunday, in a similar act, the India Today media network yet again indulged in another false propaganda against the JNU administration to absolve ultra-left wing forces from their crimes.

Tanushree Pandey, the India Today journalist, came up with a gem as she claimed that they had accessed emails sent from the server of Communication and Information services, which have been damaged by the left-wing students on January 4. With claims of emails sent by JNU administration, she hinted at no damage for servers as stated by Delhi police.

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The ‘journalist’ who seems to have no idea regarding how the system of email works implied that if emails could be sent from these servers, how could someone claim that servers have been damaged by left-wing students.

Soon, NDTV journalist Arvind Gunasekar also made similar bizarre claims on how could JNU administration could send mails if the servers at CIS had already damaged.

Gunasekar, himself, is a JNU alumni and one would expect at least he would know how the internal mails in JNU work.

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In a hurry to target ABVP students and JNU administration, the ‘journalists’ seems to have waged war against science and technology as they failed to even comprehend basic technological aspects behind the working of an email system.

According to India Today journalist Tanushree Pande, the emails cannot be sent by the JNU administration if the servers at the CIS is damaged, thereby insinuating that left students had not damaged servers inside the JNU as stated by Delhi police. The emails have been sent by JNU administration on January 5, a day after the servers were damaged by leftist goons.

However, in reality, ‘journalists’ seem to be thinking that the servers at JNU are some sort of godly machines that were employed to perform every activity like CCTV monitoring, providing WiFi, hosting websites, sending emails for the JNU administration. To their embarrassment, the ‘journalists’ have utterly failed to comprehend the basic difference between mail servers and web servers.

In simple terms, the JNU administration has employed at least two servers for their day-to-day operations like CCTV operations, hosting websites, providing Wifi, etc. The JNU administration may have employed different and third-party servers for its email services, which need not be located inside the campus.

According to tech-savvy netizens, JNU uses Google Suite for all its email needs that are academic in nature. So the email servers are not located inside the JNU campus.

The JNU administration seems to be running its Gmail account on “” site which is being run on a different server and not on the same server which was used for registration purposes on January 3 and 4.

According to the MXtoolweb site, the “” site, which according to the ‘journalist’ is used to send mail, is hosted on Google servers and not on the servers which are damaged inside the JNU campus.

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Server hosting details of “” website

Moreover, as per, JNU’s mail servers are located in the US.

JNU mail server test

From the above, it can be categorically said that the JNU has used at least two different servers for its day-to-day operations, one for registration process – which was damaged by the left-wing forces on January 3 and 4, and the other server for its email operations which is hosted outside the campus. The JNU administration can still send emails as it is a hosted on a different server in the US and not on the one which is damaged as claimed by our esteemed ‘journalists’.

It seems there have been concerted campaigns against the ABVP in an alleged effort to save the ultra left-wing students, who are the main accused in the JNU violence. As Delhi police revealed that seven left-wing students, including Aishe Ghosh – the president of JNUSU – and four left students organisations were responsible for the barbaric violence that was inflicted on students on the campus, left-wing ‘liberal-secular’ media have resorted to a hit job against the ABVP.

Soon after Delhi police carried out the press conference in which evidence was released to the public regarding the involvement of ultra-left-wing students in the violence, India Today had come up with a shoddy sting operation claiming two JNU students allegedly belonging to the ABVP confessed on camera for instigating violence and vandalising the Sabarmati hostel on January 5.

A detailed fact-check was done by OpIndia regarding the so-called India Today sting operation and proved that the whole investigation was nothing but lies and half-truths to falsely implicate ABVP and absolve left-wing forces from its crimes that they had unleashed on JNU campus.

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India Today had not only failed to prove that the two members belonged to ABVP but also indulged in fake news by sharing misleading images.

Responding to India Today’s hit job, the nationalist students’ organisation ABVP had categorically rejected charges that the two alleged JNU students were associated with the organisation. Despite clarifications by the ABVP, India Today had carried out their fake story to mislead the public on the JNU violence.

Interestingly, one of the students- Akshat Awasthi, who India Today had ‘exposed’ in its fake sting operation on Saturday as a member of ABVP, had retracted his statements by stating that whatever statements he had made to the India Today reporter were false and said he only such confessions simply to display bravado. In fact, Awasthi has said that he is not even a member of ABVP.

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