Pune: India’s sugar production till mid-November reaches only one-third of the sugar production during the same period of previous year, said industry body Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA). The delay has been mainly due to late onset of crushing operations in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

“As per trade and port information, about 2 lakh tonnes of sugar have already been shipped out for exports. From market sources and information from sugar mills, it is learnt that contracts for another 12 lakh tonnes have been signed by the parties for exports,” said ISMA.

“As on November 15, 100 sugar mills were crushing sugarcane, as compared to 310 sugar mills last year,” a release from ISMA said.

During the current 2019-20 season, sugar production as on November 15th, 2019 was 4.85 lakh tonnes, as compared to 13.38 lakh tonnes produced as on 15th November, 2018 in 2018-19 SS.

According to ISMA, the reason for lower sugar production as compared to last season is that sugar mills in Maharashtra have not yet started their crushing operation this season, as compared to 149 mills which were already operating last year during this period, and had produced 6.31 lakh tonnes till November 15, 2018.

“Similarly in Karnataka, 18 sugar mills were in operation as on November 15 and have produced 1.43 lakh tonnes, as compared to 53 mills which were operating had produced 3.60 lakh tonnes last year up to the corresponding date. The States of Maharashtra and Karnataka have faced drought last year, because of which the area planted under sugarcane therein has dropped by about 30% as compared to last season. With lower rainfall and water availability, the yields and recoveries would also be lower. Plus the recent floods and extra rainfall have affected the crop further. The Government of Maharashtra has now decided to start the crushing of cane by the mills therein from 22nd November 2019,” said ISMA.

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In Uttar Pradesh, 69 sugar mills have started their crushing operations for this season and they have produced 2.93 lakh tonnes of sugar by November 15. Last year in the same period, similar number of mills were in operation but they had produced 1.76 lakh tonnes till November 15.

There were 2 mills each in Uttarakhand, Bihar, 1 in Haryana, 3 in Gujarat and 5 mills in Tamil Nadu have commenced crushing operations and they have together produced 49,000 tons of sugar till November, 2019.



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