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India's y-o-y HPS groundnut exports to decline in 2018-19, says SEA

As India‘s groundnut production is expected to fall by 29% due to deficient rainfall, export of hand picked and selected) HPS groundnut is expected to be lower than the previous year. Export of groundnut oil too may not find international market due to disparity, stated Solvent Extractors Association (SEA) in a statement.

Groundnut is one of the major crops in kharif season and Gujarat is the prominent state growing groundnut. Since last 10 years, SEA Groundnut Promotion Council conducting the Groundnut crop survey to assess the size and quality of the Groundnut crop for the benefit of the members and the industry at large.

This year under leadership of G.G. Patel, convener, SEA Oilseed Crop Estimate Committee and past president, a 17 members team consisting of following persons visited the leading groundnut producing districts in Gujarat during 19th to 21st October 2018.

“The team visited number of farms in various districts in Saurashtra and random samples were drawn from fields and counting of the pods were studied. Maturity and the quality of the pods were also studied,” SEA said.

This year the 1st round of sowing took place in last week of June and 2nd round of sowing took place in around 15th July 2018. “The rain fall was not satisfactory and timely the average rainfall in Saurashtra was 72.76% of normal average. Except Jungadh & Gir Somnath the rest of district received rainfall much below normal and, resulted into drop in crop to 15.95 lakkh tonnes, The acreage under kharif groundnut in Gujarat marginally decreased to 14.68 lakh hectare from 16.00 lakh hectare last year and yield has decreased to 1085 kgs. per hectare against 1960 kg/ha last year due to deficit rain in Gujarat,” said SEA.

Gujarat Government has reported that 14.68 lakh hectares was sown under Groundnut during kharif season compared to 16.00 lakh ha in 2017-18.

Average yield per hectare has decreased to 1085 kilogram per hectare against 1960 kg/hectare last year, down 45%. Gujarat is expected to harvest 15.95 lakh tonnes during kharif season, which is nearly half production compared to last year in Gujarat. The production is down mainly due to deficit in rain in Gujarat.

“Gujarat Government has decided to buy Groundnut in shell at MSP of Rs.1001 per 20 kgs against current market price of around Rs.800/ 950 per 20 Kgs and allotted a sum of Rs.500 crore for the same . This may lead to time being reserved selling by the farmers in open market and he would prefer to offer government at procurement price,” SEA said.

The all India Kharif groundnut crop is estimated at 37.35 lakh tones against last year 52.75 lakh tones.

There is carry in stock with NAFED 5.00 lakh tonnes and the farmers & traders about 100,000 tonnes in Gujarat, that will bridge the gap of shortfall to some extent.

According to SEA, The local production of Groundnut oil will be lesser than the year due to reduced availability of groundnut seed for crushing.


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