Industrial Packaging the New Trend of Biodegradables: Food Packaging

Industrial Packaging the New Trend of Biodegradables: Food Packaging

Food packaging and general packaging are required for most of the products on the market.

However, unlike in the past, the new trend that is spreading concerns the creation and use of biodegradable industrial packaging.

These, in fact, not only make it possible to reduce the environmental impact but can also translate into savings for industries that will end up having to dispose of less waste.

Biodegradable Industrial Packaging, the Choice of Material

One of the first steps that must be followed for the creation of biodegradable industrial packaging will be the choice of material.

Whether it is packaging for the food sector or industrial packaging dedicated to other production sectors, it will be essential to identify the best material, the one that is not only biodegradable, but that is actually disposable in an ecological way.

Yes, because much of what we think is biodegradable is in fact not as ecological as they want us to believe. 

A great distinction, therefore, must be made between biodegradable and compostable: the former will still have to undergo processes of modification and degeneration at an industrial level, while the latter can be immediately thrown into non-recoverable waste and will not pollute.

Biodegradable Packaging: The Countries in Which we Invest the Most

Speaking of environmental protection, there are also certainly more virtuous areas, in which more is invested in the creation of industrial packaging that does not have a major impact on the environment.

In particular, Europe and North America seem to be the areas of the world in which efforts are not only being made in this respect, but there is also a greater awareness of the volumes of products that are made and consumed.

The same consumers present in these areas of the world care about the environment and therefore seek to collaborate more with the policies for environmental protection and reduction of pollution.

Surely, then, North America is in first place among the countries in which the most biodegradable packaging is produced. This is not so much due to the greater sensitivity relating to the issue of environmental protection, but to the large number of people who buy and consume every day.

On the other hand, it is expected that Asia-Pacific will be among the regions of the world that will adapt more to the provisions on new packaging.

Bio and Bioplastic Packaging in Italy

Finally, within our own country, virtuous initiatives that are pushing towards promoting the use of ecological packaging must certainly be pointed out.

In particular, a program agreement was drawn up by Corepla, Conai, Assobioplastici and the Italian Composting Consortium, which mainly concerns the environmental management of plastic packaging.

An investment of 1.5 million euros is expected to be allocated towards this matter,  which will not only help many companies to convert to ecological industrial packaging, but also raise awareness among the population.

Communication and information campaigns that educate about the value of separating our recyclables and the treatment of plastic

will also be activated.  This will allow both companies to engage in new “good practices” and to obtain greater cooperation from citizens.

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