Industry Specific Cloud Computing: All You Need To Know About

Cloud Computing

As more companies and industries continue embracing the use of cloud; implementing them, different industries are realizing the cloud specifics they require for their industry.


Industry specific cloud computing is a type of cloud computing which involves a cloud system that has been largely customized to suit a particular industry, in a way that accommodates the regulatory, business, legal, operatory, security and other considerations of that industry.

Rather than a horizontal integration (the focus of general cloud computing), industry-specific cloud computing has its focus on the delivery of industry cloud that is vertically integrated, as well as the integration of vertical solutions.

In essence, an industry-specific cloud solution is concerned about the creation of value specific to the limits of the industry in question.

An Optimized and customized Cloud

Optimized clouds are clouds that have been designed to get to users with a peculiar ramped-up tuning for extra Input/Output transactional ability, extra storage memory, extra fast processing power or sometimes, more big data analytics functions.

An industry-specific cloud is also a form of optimized cloud, especially in terms of its core tuning.

Apart from being optimized, an industry-specific cloud is also customized to perfectly match the specific needs and typical nuances which customers tend to face in day-to-day operations within any particular industry, from fashion, to farming, to food processing, funeral services, fishing, finance and any other industry (for which the cloud was specifically designed).

It is application-specific, engineered to be gotten across to users with precise performance optimizations and also with customized functions which are tuned to precise legal, operational, regulatory, ethical and commercial considerations that match those of customers in that industry.

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If you verify the application and use of the cloud, down to the last detail, you would confirm these specifications.  

Travelling the last mile

Giving the last mile optimizations (to users) for industry-specific utilization cases implies that customers do not have to do the customizations they would have otherwise have to bother themselves with at the point where the cloud is to be deployed.

 There are in fact customer use cases; cases in which customers are using running cloud applications with customizations characterized by even more lines of code within, than lines of code that originally existed in the original codebase. Customer enhancement requests are also considered in the creation and designing of industry-specific clouds too.

If the industry-specific cloud features are without evidence, then customers are expected to either have to do these customizations for them or have to call third-party software developers and teams and Systems Integrations (SIs) to perform the customizations for them.   

Cloud solution experts that have the AWS certified solutions architect associate certification can explain these things to you in a better way. In case if you are looking for more advanced information then you can take courses available on Udemy which also helps in practical learning.

The disaggregation of jobs

So, what’s the entire point of industry-specific cloud computing and allowing cloud computing deployments, as well as their individual instances, function this way?  

First off, it is far more efficient than general cloud computing.

However, there are also other benefits. One important benefit is the fact that it leverages technology to disaggregate jobs and also map out the parts of the work (in a specific industry), that can be taken out and pushed to technology; like Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This would allow humans to face other aspects and other things that they are great at and machines cannot do. Such things include teamwork and engagement. 

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It is important to mention that industry-specific cloud does not take jobs away from humans. Rather, it helps in performing complex processes that humans would rather find stressful, especially for the cloud technology field with relatively few hands. 

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