Ingenious hack that makes iPhone battery 'unlimited'

According to Marcus, iPhone users should go to the device’s ‘Settings’ screen, click ‘Accessibility’ and then ‘Display & Text Size’.

From there users scroll down to find the ‘Reduce White Point’ toggle, which reduces the bright colours on the phone’s screen.

It is possible to then dial down the colours on the screen to save more battery.

The screen become noticeably darker and he went on to reduce it to its lowest brightness setting.

By using the setting, not only can users save their battery but they can also wind down better in the evening, allowing their eyes to adjust to the darkness.

On social media, fans were impressed with Marcus’ hack – though others were not convinced.

One fan raged: “I did it and now I can’t see anything.”

Another said: “What’s the point? Then my phone is useless. Just like telling me not to use my phone, no battery will be wasted as well.”

Meanwhile, a third continued: “Well, I mean now I know how to use my phone at night if it’s still too bright for my eyes.”

Others described how the tip helped them.

However, a fourth wrote: “This adjusts the colours of your screen, not the brightness.

“Therefore, it has no impact on battery life.”


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