Innovative Bagging Solutions for Your Business

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Innovative Bagging Solutions for your Business

Do you have a business? And do you need innovative and flexible bagging solutions for your products? Then look no further. Let Schur® handle the bagging process of your products. It does not matter whether you are looking for a specific material for your bags or pouches. Flexibility is vital for Schur®, so you can get any material you require – whether it is bio-based, fossil based, recyclable, bio-degradable or compostable materials.

Furthermore, bags from Schur® are available in many different constructions and shapes, and the bags can be refined with a range of various features that suit your needs. You can choose between unprinted bags or their state-of-the-art flexo-print with different colours and print effects.

Creative Bagging Solutions

Bagging and packaging solutions are essential marketing tools that contribute to successful product branding – especially in a crowded and fast-paced marketplace. The construction of the bag and its print image can help your product stand out from the competition. Their convenience features are likewise essential in supporting your sales and creating or improving your brand loyalty.

Schur’s extensive portfolio of innovative bagging solutions is a result of experience with many business owners and various packaging projects. These business owners have different requirements, which is why Schur® is constantly expanding its product offerings to match these particular business owners’ wishes.

The creative development team at Schur® is also working constantly on new exciting ideas that add innovative formats, attractive convenience and new layers of functionality.

A rather important feature of their bags and pouch construction is its reclosability. Reclosability makes everything much easier for the modern consumer, and it also prevents product spillage. In addition, reclosability is a vital feature on packs that contain reusable items like household item or food products that require safe storage.

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Why Should You Choose Schur®?

The experience and know-how gained through generations of innovative and flexible packaging and packaging machinery have resulted in a unique concept of excellence.

Every new machine that they install adds valuable experience to their know-how. Maybe it is a new feature or a new approach to the packing process that makes everything run smoothly. That experience benefits you so you can grow your business.

Schur® adds continuously new solutions to the market that improves the overall packing process – both in terms of the packaging solution itself and the packing technology.

The development team at Schur® can identify and develop a solution to different challenges that you may present to them. Finding the right solution that benefits your business is essential to them.

You can read more about bagging machines from Schur® here.

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