Innovative Ways To Nurture Employee Relationship

Innovative Ways To Nurture Employee Relationship

Thinking about how to make your company work? There are a number of factors you will be considering for this purpose. One of the most prominent key players in this process is employees. You want to make your company work, maintain a good relationship with your employees. As an employer, it is your job to take the first step in nurturing the relationship with your employees. Here are a few things you have to keep in mind:

1. Handbook For Employees

This handbook will be very useful since it will include all the information about the company. This handbook can promote a healthy management-employee relationship. It is a silent way of communicating the employee what management can expect from them by revealing their goals and explaining their duties. It also tells the employee what they can expect from the management like salary reviews, leaves, bonuses, security, etc. This handbook can become a working bible for both you and your employee.  Now, these handbooks are available in digital format. You can easily communicate company culture through the digital handbook.

2. Talk to Your Employees More Often

Yes, the digital world has changed our life. The communication is a lot easier. But here is a thing, your presence is irreplaceable. Make sure to get out of your office more often and talk to your employees. Ask them about their work, if they have any difficulty in performing any task if human resource management is communicating with them. You can even ask them about their families since it will make them more comfortable. Don’t sit in your office all day. Walk around, it is good for you too.

3. Be Open to Feedback

Feedback is more like a key to a gold treasure. This treasure can benefit you in two ways. First, you can get more ideas on how to improve your company and design strategies that can cater to all. Second, this makes the employees feel more included provoking a sense of responsibility and belongingness in the employee. Both these traits are very important when you want the employee to be loyal.

4. Train Leaders and Managers

Yes, you are the showstopper but still, you will need other managers in the company to work for you. There are a number of managers and team leaders you will need if you want your job to be done more effectively. But not anyone who’s a manager can be a leader. As important as it is to hire managers, it is also equally important to invest in your managers’ training so that they can create a healthy work culture where everyone is satisfied with each other. It is hard to believe but easy to accomplish.

5. Recognition and Awards

Many companies fail to understand this idea and end up closing down. Why? Human beings long for recognition and when someone acknowledges their efforts, they get more confident about themselves. This confidence helps them perform better. More so, employees deserve to be awarded for something extraordinary. Giving employees the ownership for the work they do boosts their work ethic and your company’s overall performance.  Keep it in mind that you might be making a profit because of your employee’s effort. He/She deserves some part of it. 

6. Don’t Fake It

There has to be a fine line between being nice and being too nice. Yes, it is ethical to communicate with your employees but keep it professional. If you are going to be genuine and sincere with your team, your team will be genuine and sincere with you. This is how you can maintain a culture where everything is discussed openly promoting.

Maintaining a good relationship with your employees is important not just for professional reasons but also for personal reasons. It was revealed in a study that individuals aged between 25-55 their 70% time at work. This means that this time should be free of any tensions.

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