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Pilots from the US Air Force working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are flying reconnaissance missions through Hurricane Dorian.

They have captured striking images of the eye of the storm which is eerily calm when compared to the destruction it is causing.

The Category 5 hurricane is tearing through the Bahamas at speeds of up to 220mph and meteorologists are desperately trying to capture as much information about it as possible.

At least five people have died so far as a result of the hurricane and up to 13,000 homes have been destroyed.

Garret Black, a meterologist and one of the pilots known as the ‘Hurricane Hunters’ shared one of the pictures of the eye of the storm to Twitter.

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Meanwhile, the massive storm has also been captured by astronauts in orbit on board the International Space Station (ISS).

‘You can feel the power of the storm when you stare into its eye from above,’ wrote Nasa astronaut Nick Hague on Twitter.

Hague’s crewmate Christina Koch snapped several more pictures of the storm as the space station flew 260 miles overhead.

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‘Hurricane Dorian as seen from Space Station earlier today,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘Hoping everyone in its path stays safe.’

Hurricane Dorian seen from the ISS (Christina Koch/Twitter)

This similarly staggering picture of Dorian has also been captured by Nasa satellites circling even further above the Earth.

Dorian pictured by a Nasa satellite (Nasa)

Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, ordered all tourists to leave the country and in an emotional news conference on Sunday said: ‘This is probably the most sad and worst day of my life.

He called Dorian a ‘monster storm’ and added: ‘We’re facing a hurricane, one that we’ve never seen in the history of the Bahamas.’

Hurricane Dorian ripped through Saint John of the US Virgin Islands (WJXT4)
Hurricane Dorian has decimated parts of the Bahamas

The devastation wrought by the storm is already visible. Roofs have been ripped off, cars overturned and power lines pulled from the ground as thousands of people sheltered in schools, churches and hurricane shelters.

The storm is expected to continue battering Grand Bahama before moving close to Florida’s coast where it could potentially make landfall on Wednesday evening. The US state is braced for the impact.

Weather forecasters predict that the hurricane will move ‘dangerously close’ to the US east coast.

At least 1 million residents from Florida, Georgia and South Carolina have been ordered to evacuate ahead of the storm’s arrival.

Businesses are seen shuttered near Fort Pierce Jetty Park, in Florida on September 2, 2019 (AFP/Getty Images)
Evacuations ordered as Hurricane Dorian is forecast to hit Florida (

More than 2,000 prisoners have also been moved from Florida. Video footage posted by residents, shows water flooding people’s homes, with local media reporting that even the international airport is under water.

Dorian had started off as a category three storm, with sustained winds of 120mph, before hitting the Bahamas as a category five storm, the strongest possible.

The international red cross believes a major relief effort will be required in the Bahamas, once the storm passes.

While preparations have been made along the eastern US seaboard, the path of the storm remains unpredictable.

President Trump had earlier caused confusion by wrongly suggesting that the storm could hit Alabama, a claim that was refuted by the national weather service office in Birmingham, Alabama.



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