Integrity Auto Care uses UV light at its disinfecting tent stations – WREX-TV

SOUTH BELOIT (WREX) — Transportation doesn’t stop for essential workers. That’s why a local auto repair shop is open and making sure vehicles get properly sanitized.

Whether at home or at work, Integrity Auto Care is bringing something new to the table when fighting COVID-19.

“UV light destroys bacteria and viruses in the wavelength of 200 to 400,” said Integrity Auto Care Owner Leon Anderson.

The auto repair shop purchased UV light equipment and set up disinfecting tents outside of its Belvidere and South Beloit locations.

“We’ll go over their car before we touch it. We spray the whole car with light inside and outside. And then we also wipe it down and then when the technician takes it and works on it, they clean it up before they get in it,” said Anderson.

Customers can drop off their car or for those within a 10 mile radius can get their car picked up.

“When the customer pulls up it says to call us or text us at this number and they do. They call us and then we walk out and you know we are six foot we are social distancing ourselves,” said Anderson.

“Because I can just leave the keys in the car and open the garage. I never have to see them and they just come and get it,” said Rockton resident Jana Ford.

Although Ford is currently working from home, she wants to be cautious if she needs to make an essential trip.

“Other places are still open. They need to feel safe going there and not bringing it back to their families,” said Ford.

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So whether you are in your car everyday or just for essential trips you can rest easy that you’ll have a clean ride to wherever you’re going.

“One more barrier to help all of us be safe,” said Ford.

Integrity Auto Care says it hopes to implement the new system in the future including during cold and flu seasons.


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