International not just (Wo)Man's day

If you missed International Men’s Day yesterday, don’t worry, you have 363 more days to celebrate it – considering March 8 has been, as usual, booked by the ‘other people’. Celebrating manhood is as tricky as it sounds. While James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, did confirm that ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ in his 1966 song and album bearing that title, we are pretty sure that as far as male proprietary rights go, barring in some cultures like those of the Khasis and Garos of Meghalaya, it’s been international men’s day much before – and well after – the Swinging Sixties, the Pill and Indira Gandhi.

Considering that multiplicity is, indeed, a many-splendoured thing, we have no intention to condemn the celebration of a group of people of a particular gender (male) and age (non-boy) that is anyway regularly acknowledged.

Instead, we suggest we gently frown upon Men’s Day and break things down further to include International Neither-Man-Nor-Women’s Day as well as International Both-Man-And Women’s Day in the calendar. With gender fluidity gaining     flow-speed, non-binary days should be introduced and celebrated. This would also have the additional advantage of cutting into the aforementioned Man’s Man’s Man’s World with more representation from people other than just women. Perhaps we can start marking these special days from today.


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