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Usually, the president of a country is sure to draw crowds when he/she is seen strolling through a city. But when US President Joe Biden was spotted shopping in Massachusetts, it was not the president that caught people’s attention, but a member of his security force. A TikTok video shared by an account named @life_with_matt of the ‘hot’ secret service agent in Biden’s team has gone viral with over 2.7 million views. “Forget about the PRESIDENT. The ‘SECRET SERVICE’ be looking fine,” the account wrote. Matt also added “marry me” in the caption. As per tradition, the Bidens spend Thanksgiving at Massachusetts and the family was seen strolling through Nantucket over the weekend before heading back to the White House. The video was shared by a local from the island, Matthew Notarangelo, New York Post reported. The unidentified agent wore a long coat, khakis, and a black t-shirt paired with wayfarers, which led people to compare him to the swag Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun.’ The new agent on the block set off a flurry of videos shot from different angles by others and was shared on the platform.

“Biden’s Baddies is how I will refer to his Secret Service from now one,” an excited user commented. One admirer said “he is defending the nation with hotness.”

Twitter users also expressed their admiration for the now-viral dude.

Another user who goes by the name @magsmur shared a video on TikTok of the agent shaking hands with a second unidentified man captioning it “I called dibs first,” and tagged Matt. She also added the text “when I wasn’t the only one looking at the Secret Service man” in the video.

Yet another user @sadieethomas12 joined the fun with a new angle, “the third angle y’all been waiting for.” @carolinecray’s video showed the hunk from behind at a church with the caption “came to see Joe Biden… stayed for the Secret Service.” As the secret agent’s fans kept rising, one person added “every angle keeps getting better,” while someone else said, “He is giving me Tom Cruise in Top Gun vibes.” Another fan wanted to know how to get arrested by the secret service adding that they’re “asking for a friend.”

As the identity of the agent remains unknown, TikTokers have united in the not-so-secret mission to find the ‘Secret Service man.’

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