Hedge Trade (HEDG) token is performing better than many big cryptocurrencies in the last one year. HEDG token listed on exchanges in early January 2019 with the price of $0.14 and gains a lot of interest from the investors in its first year. The HEDG token price is now trading around $2.40 (21 January 2020).

Hedge Trade (HEDG) token is ranked on 23rd position on Coinmarketcap and you can know more about their product on their official website here.

We have interviewed the CEO of Hedge Trade David Waslen and he explained how they started the project and about the future plans of the project. Let’s get started 🙂

Monty: Hello! Who is on the line?

David: Hello Monty! This is David the CEO of the Hedge Trade (HEDG). How are you doing?

Monty: I am doing great. Let’s talk about the project. How you get the idea of Hedge Trade?

David: One day I was sitting around and my friend gives me a tip to buy that stock, I bought the stock and the price of the stock rockets in the next few months. I made a handsome profit and now everyone is asking me about the next big stock that will increase in the upcoming months. There we got the idea of Hedge Trade, there are a lot of traders and people that don’t know when and what to buy.

Initially, we thought of building a website where experienced traders can put their calls and people subscribe to them to get the lastest calls, but the data can be easily manipulated on the website and there may be a lot of scams. Then we decide to bring this thing on blockchain technology, temper proof and visible to everyone.

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Monty: That’s Great! So how the project actually works and how it will help the crypto community?

David: As I explained the project is based on price predictions based on blockchain. First, the user needs to create an account on the Hedge Trade platform. Anyone with an account can create blueprints and publish them by staking HEDG tokens. A blueprint is just a trading call (where to buy and where to sell), the user can put any price for the blueprint.

If someone buys the blueprints and the trade goes according to the predictions then the blueprint creator gets the total funds raised the subscription cost. If the trade goes opposite of the predication the buyers get back their money. So Hedge Trade removes the chances of scams and the buyer can also see the previous predication of the traders and choose according to their success ratio.

Monty: That’s Great! I have also seen many people making predictions out of thin air and never refund when the trade calls go wrong. So anyone can get access to the Hedge Trade platform or it needs some special invitation?

David: Yes you need an invite code to join the platform but we are working to open the Hedge Trade platform for everyone in the upcoming months. When the program is open for everyone, there will be a huge demand for the HEDG tokens.

Monty: What are your long term plans for the Hedge Trade platform?

David: First of all we are looking to open the platform for everyone. The platform is now only for crypto predication. In the near future, we will add Forex, Stock, Oil market and Sports prediction also. We don’t want to retain our platform only for the crypto community. We want to give the benefits to everyone whether they are in crypto, Forex, Stocks or Oil market.

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Monty: Great! It looks like the project has a wide future. How many people are there on the team?

David: There are now 30 people on the team with very good experience in the crypto market and trading instruments. We will add more team members in the near future.

Monty: Any message that wants to give to our audience?

David: The crypto market is very new and has a lot of room for growth. Book your seat now, don’t fall behind.

Monty: Thanks for being here. Have a great day David.



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