Inventors create ‘flying saucer’ to travel from Europe to America in an hour

Conspiracy theorists routinely claim to have spotted flying saucers visiting the Earth from alien planets.

But what if we just built our own?

That’s what a pair of inventors are trying to do. They say they’ve invented a real-life flying saucer that can fly from Europe to America in just one hour.

Rather than being a gimmick, the developers claim the ADIFO (All Direction Flying Object) is the first VTOL aircraft in the world able to fly in all directions.

Low speeds allow the craft to operate like a drone, but in-built jets would see it achieve supersonic speeds efficiently thanks to the wing-shaped fuselage.

A scale model has been demonstrated and the folks behind it say it could have future applications for private aircraft, military vehicles or even unmanned combat drones.

Humans have built their own alien spacecraft (Cover Images)

Razvan Sabie, one of the two inventors, said: ‘The ADIFO name comes from All Direction Flying Object. ADIFO is the first flying VTOL aircraft in the world, able to fly in all directions, under the same aerodynamics characteristics.’

The VTOL craft can fly in any direction (ADIFO/Cover Images)

‘Actually, ADIFO is a special circular wing with high flight performances. Let’s say that is the first “flying saucer” in the world which really flies and it’s designed to reach in the near future more and more high performances, pretty close to the performances described in the popular culture related to such kind of aircraft.

He continued: ‘The aerodynamics behind this aircraft is the result of more than two decades of work.’

A disc is pretty aerodynamic (ADIFO/Cover Images)

‘It’s the only one bi-directional airfoil known and functional. The possibility to reach much easier supersonic speeds (for a normal airplane the drag coefficient increases 7-8 times during the transonic flight, respect to maximum two times for this aircraft), combined with the hypermaneuvrability can offer you a picture regarding the potential of this aircraft.’


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