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Investing in Stocks 101 – Things You Need to Know

Investing in Stocks 101 - Things You Need to Know

Want to invest in the Stock market? You ought not to do it without getting prior knowledge of it. As an investor you must know the basics and other details of the stock market and how they function.

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In this article, we are going to discuss the things that you need to know while you are investing in socks. 

What is the Stock Market, And How Does it Work?

Companies, in order to collect funds from the market, divide smaller amounts of ownership called stocks. If you, the investors, buy these stocks, you become a partial share owner of the company. So, in the stock market, investors buy and share stocks in the market. 

As mentioned before, when you are buying shares of an entity, you are purchasing small ownership of the company. You may have heard about the London Stock Market, where shareholders purchase and sell shares of different companies. Investors collect the money from the share they purchase and make up for the fund requirements. 

Usually, the buyers bid for the highest amount they are going to pay. For trade to continue, buyers need to increase the price of the shares, and the seller needs to decrease hers/his. Now all the buying and selling and price calculations are done using computer algorithms. 

Things to Consider Before Investing

If you have decided to invest in the stock market, you need to consider a couple of things before investing. Then only you can safely invest in these stocks. 

1. Do You Have a Lot of Debt on Your Credit Card?

This is one of the primary elements that you need to consider. If you have a lot of debt, first clear all the debts that you have. Easy and simple. If you don’t have a clear track record of repaying the credit, how will you be able to operate in the market? This will be thoroughly difficult. 

2. Do You Have Any Emergency Funds?

Exigency or emergency might come at any time. Some of the events might continuously crash the entire stock market. Your expert on investment will tell you what to do to avoid ruin. Therefore it’s better to have some money in stock. These stocks work as shock absorbers.

Bull Vs Bear Markets

These are certain terms that you need to know while you are investing. Bull and Bear markets are completely opposite in nature. Due to supply and demand and other market conditions, the shares of the company rise and fall. 

When you are “bullish” on the stock markets, you get an idea that the stock markets of the company are in a much better scenario, and the value of the stock will increase quite a lot in the future.

For instance, you buy stocks of a company and buy the share in stocks amounting to £25. Now that the markets are at a high, you can expect the value of stocks to reach £50. 

If you are “bearish” on stock value, you understand that you are in some trouble. The markets are not healthy, and stock prices might decrease. For instance, the value of stock decreased grossly during the Pandemic. 

Market Diversification

This is another idea that you ought to learn while you are trading stocks in the stock market. You have definitely heard that old saying that it is not to lay eggs in one basket. If the basket falls, you are going to suffer for sure. It’s manyfold better if you invest your amount in different companies.

Suppose you are to invest £ 5000 in stocks. It is better not to invest entirely in one company. Why don’t you break the entire investment into five parts (£1000) and invest in five different companies?

This is much better compared to investing the money in one particular share. When one company isn’t performing well, it isn’t a problem for you.


In order to conclude, it can be said that you need some experience if you are investing in the stock market. When you are investing in stocks, it’s manyfold better that you take help and assistance from different experts.

Finally, do not jump into investing in stocks; otherwise, things might completely go wrong with your hard-earned money. 

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