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InvestoLand ICO (INVE Token): Legit Cryptocurrency Investment Network?


What Is InvestoLand?

Investoland seeks to introduce an ecosystem that will be used to connect investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. It is an ecosystem that will not place any attention to geopolitics, thereby making it possible for it to do away with the traditional models, which are currently facing a myriad of problems.

Problems Being Faced by Traditional Models

The crowdfunding industry as it is currently constituted is facing all kinds of inefficiencies. These inefficiencies when combined pose a serious threat to investors and entrepreneurs. Some of the issues that are currently being faced by these two groups of individuals include:

Current/Traditional Models

Traditional business models have often operated with high banking costs, unnecessary delays, and multiple points of failure that can easily be overcome. For instance, if you take a critical look at the payout and investment processes, you will notice that they are both subjected to all kinds of human error and negligence.

Another problem faced in this model is one that has everything to do with crowd scaling. Currently, the process takes a few days to complete, costs the parties involved hundreds of dollars, and is often subjected to random actions initiated and executed by unnecessary middlemen.

The other issue involves dealing with arbitrary regulation. More so, when it comes to the company jurisdiction, the platform/s it is running, and the investors that are involved in the project. When you look at the entire process, you will notice that it comes with multiple points of failure (operational, technical, and legal).

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The InvestoLand Cryptocurrency Investment Network Solution

With a smart-contract based model, it becomes easier, and faster to do away with all the inefficiencies that have been mentioned above. Elimination of these inefficiencies helps pave the way for the creation of an efficient investment model that can be used across the globe.

By using the Ethereum-based smart contracts, investors and entrepreneurs will be left with a system that is secure, transparent, and efficient. This is mainly because all the transactions being executed on this model will be automated. The same cannot be said for traditional models where everything needs to be processed manually.

Manual processing of transactions means that there is more room for delays and unwanted errors. With the smart contracts, all parties involved can rest easy knowing that its code can easily be audited and that all transactions executed successfully will always be registered on the blockchain. Additional benefits include:

InvestoLand INVE Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Hard cap: 37.87 Million dollars
  • Pre-Sale Date: October/November 2018 (0.4 USD for whitelisted investors, 0.5USD for the first white after the whitelist, 0.6USD for the last half)
  • Crowd Sale Date: December 2018 (1USD per token)
  • Standard: ERC20 token


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