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every smart device user is well-known with the use of the internet and how things work. Still, they may or may not hear of the recently established term “Internet of Things” also known as IoT, biggest innovation in the industry.

In the article below, we will shortly brief the definition of IoT, how it works, and how IoT devices have having IoT smart home security is essential for your home with examples. Let’s start!

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things refers to a whole network of devices that are well connected. IoT technologies can connect anything to the internet that is able to interact with each other, communicate, and exchange data among themselves without any interfering human interventions. They include everything, including wearables, basics of smartphones, home security, and automation.

IoT Based Home Security System

An IoT based home security system is a part of a massive equipment network of artificial intelligence with IoT. Each component in the interface is interconnected while being connected with the internet as well. Thus, it is a basic wireless home security automated system that uses IoT devices, including mobiles and desktops, to control their systems perform automated tasks using the internet. This simply means those systems can be controlled from anywhere and everywhere remotely. IoT network components are now efficiently being used as smart home automated security systems.

Why is Smart Home Security essential?

The Internet of things is not only proven to ease modulating and controlling home security within your comfort zone, but they are also beneficial in conserving energy via technological efforts. According to New-Gen Apps, “United States of America was able to conserve energy and reduce household consumption by 20% just by the introduction of smart homes and sensors.” Thus, those sensors enable automated adaptation of temperature and pressure. Likewise, accessible and reliable IoT devices are proven to make home smarter and safer to offer peace of mind to the users. Also, crafting a pattern of taking the future towards more automation on the touch of our fingers. Let’s have a brief look!

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Control and Monitoring

IoT has significantly improved the way users monitor and control processes at home. The fridge will notify you if the food is going to spoil in one or two days or can add eggs and milk in your shopping list. Routine IoT applications collect data on how your household works and then show the most beneficial insights.

Cost and Energy Savings

There is a considerable amount of data that proves the work and energy consumption benefits of smart devices to help you easily optimize the utility. It also efficiently adjusts quick home settings. You can allow your system to take care of its own. It will automatically shut down devices that are not in use to reduce the power consumption when the room or home is empty.

Environment Impact

Except for being an efficient energy saver, and reducing your bills, they help to reduce the negative and hazardous impact on our ecosystem as well. The IoT prominent devices can lead people to have an eco-friendly life.

Better Security

IoT-driven smart home security system is an ideal tool to protect your property as it offers complete control of everything inside out of your home. Smart locks, security cameras, smoke and motion sensors, and many more gadgets work together to notify if something goes wrong . You can check back on it while being inside or outside in the home or vacations across the globe.


People always conveniently want more comfort. IoT in smart home security devices is an excellent achievement towards satisfaction. They utterly simplify and improve several processes in your home to function autonomously. However, overall control remains in the user’s hands; this brings the best thing that our ancestors demanded!

Home Security Devices that works on IoT

Google Smart Home, Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are the best examples of IoT intelligent home devices. Moreover, below are some examples of best home security devices that work on the principles of IoT.


ADT Pulse is a home bridge plugin to allow home and office owners to control security systems and view sensor statuses. Their API relies upon the ADT pulse web portal to function. Because of the working nature of ADT pulse processes setting device statuses commands the plugin to force arms when an open sensor or an active motion is detected. Arm night is the reliable available system to be used through the ADT pulse itself. Although the plugin is not visible on the web portal, app list, or panels itself, the system is capable of being placed in your system in an arm night mode with the plugin.

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Vivint Smart Home is a wireless home security system. It is a feature-rich, professionally installed IoT device. In the contract of today’s new breed of DIY systems, you don’t need to do anything to make it work. Their alarm equipment is integrated with home devices, including video doorbells, and cameras to run a compact in-house security system.


Highlighted as a best home security expert in PC and Verge, their 24/7 live support being users with real-time assistance. Just like other alarm systems, it allows users to take control of the entire house with customized setups. It even works without Wi-Fi and power with standby backups. It has a system to ignore pets as well to give you a précised human form detection algorithm.


Wink lookout combines’ state of the art sensors with in-apps services to monitor your house activities. The lookout software sends real-time alerts for locks, windows, doors, and more, which ultimately give users every possible control over the security of your home to let you quickly respond to an unexpected situation.


Abode-iota includes motion sensors, built-in HD cameras, and two-way voice control with 93db siren. The wireless connection enables the advantages of sense and motion for you.

Final Verdict

Soon we will find ourselves in a thought-over ecosystem that will be perfectly organized. IoT smart devices communicate with each other to simplify lives and improve their quality. Making homes smart is the step towards smart life. Undoubtedly, IoT solutions for smart home security are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. However, as the prevalence will grow, the cost will expectedly reduce. Thus, we still have time to get prepared to hit home security with the best IoT solutions and get the best out of it.

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