Most of the details of Apple’s next flagship phone, the iPhone 11, came from leaked information and speculations from various analysts. 

Based on the information, the next flagship iOS smartphone will look similar to its predecessors, although the significant huge camera hump at the back that will house the triple-camera module of the new iPhone makes a significant difference. This feature is actually what makes the phone quite unpopular, with some analysts even calling the new iPhone ugly. 

However, new information reveals that the next iPhone could have a saving grace — a new logic board setup that’s not only said to be the foundation of future iPhones but is actually a homage to the original iPhone design by Steve Jobs.

According to a report from Forbes, Apple insider and YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) teamed up with industry insider Frederico Cerva and presented some the reason behind the radical changes of iPhone 11’s logic board. 

“The amazing thing here is that it’s almost a tribute to the original iPhone. Comparing them, they have the same layout inside…  was Steve just right from the very beginning?” Koroy said. 

The system is described to have a “new old” layout wherein the back of the vertically-aligned logic board of the iPhone XS has switched back to its original horizontal position which is just above the battery. The setup is considered to be ideal for future iPhones since it allows the board to accommodate a large connector right beside the new camera system while freeing up space to include a significantly larger battery. 

“We heard earlier that there would be some layout changes to the [new] iPhone. Now it makes sense,” Koroy said.  

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Aside from this, the changes are considered to be the foundation of iPhones that are coming in the next few years starting with 2020. The iPhone 11 looks too much like its predecessor and will be considered a placeholder at best. 

Still, the iPhone 11 could introduce a smaller Leap Motion haptics engine to replace 3D Touch, which Forbes said could free up more space. Aside from the improved battery, it will also be able to give the iPhone range which is needed to test out phones with 5G connectivity. 

Going back to their roots just show that Apple could once more be playing with their strengths and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the next iPhones. 

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