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Anonymous, 10 hours agosorry no . essential phone started the trrend and apple copy it . there is no big notched phon… moreNot exactly, look at the answer I gave him.

The Essential PH-1 notch’s was totally different, it was an attempt to have fullscreen while keeping only the minimum of front sensor, the camera (though ambiant light and proximity sensors are still there), they made clearly a notch with straight edges unlike teardrop notches as they wanted to impact notifications and status icons the least possible (as it is the drawback of the notch or hole in Android) while Apple took basically the opposite approach of putting as much sensors as possible and only letting space for the essential statut icons which isn’t a problem on IOS.

So even if both are dent on the display, the Android’s notch on the PH-1 is more a removal of a part of the display to put the camera while the iPhone notch is more a bezel with little display on the side.

Though the PH-1 was the best implementation of notch on Android along with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

The PH-1 because it didn’t altered the proximity and ambiant light sensors unlike more recent Android phones who use downgraded (smaller) ones, some simply dropped them and only use the camera instead, this is the most stupid thing to do, and while its notch did get deep into the display because of the proximity and ambiant light sensors, the straight edges, while less elegant than the teardrop design, caused less notification and statut icon space to be removed.

So the PH-1 was the first and only well implemented and not user experience damaging one for the statut bar.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro for the notch itself is really well implemented as, like Apple’s notch, it is really dense, it have a lot of sensors and still manage to take a really little space…

What is bad though, is all the space it remove for icons, a software solution to allow two row statut and notification bar or one around the notch and the other bellow would had fix the issue, but no manufacturers implemented it, maybe because of Android’s limit, though I know that a rooted mod allow for two line notification and status bar…So it is faisable.

All other notches I am aware of on Android phone are poorly implemented with either large area and low sensors, cosmetic curves that take useless additional space, shrink down and less performant and efficient sensors, etc.

That’s because the PH-1 did it adapted for Android, the iPhone X has one which was adapter for IOS, but all other newer smartphones simply tried to copy Apple and put something totally incompatible with Android…

I don’t think one copied the other, the iPhone notch probably took a while to be engineered and the PH-1 was released only few month prior, they may simply both had the same idea (sort of) and it wouldn’t be the first time it happen.

And if Apple did copy it, well they made a great choice, the issue come mainly from Android’s brands who copied it without even trying to see if it work well on Android or if anything could be improved, the Apple’s notch is all about engineering rather than appearance and Android phone maker copied the appearance and dropped away the technicality, making the notch and punch hole hell we currently live.

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When this the design this would be the first time who i buy a iPhone.


Boom, 10 hours agoApple should let install apps outside AppStore, even if with through an app such as AltStore … moreand all the pirates will break loose


Apple should let install apps outside AppStore, even if with through an app such as AltStore or cydia impactor without revoke. They can remove wireless charging for it


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Mike9625, 19 hours agoWtF are you just talking about, was apple the one that actually started the trend of the notch… moresorry no . essential phone started the trrend and apple copy it . there is no big notched phone now in 2020 . apple will put bigger notch tho


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hahah silly people . it will be 11s . Why u think it will be 12 ?


Shady69, 22 hours agoif the design is true, last year’s iphone would look so much outdated compared to this, yea 😛 specially since the design is soooo innovative too and no one from 2 years ago did it, but im sure apple will find a way to make it look exactly the same wth dimensions difference so small you can’t see it but so big you’ll need a whole set of new accessories, so you dont have to worry


The day Apple moves forward and adds back the Audio Jack and switch to USB-C, I might then consider buying one. I would be glad if they even added a microsd slot, but I guess that’s asking Apple’s engineer too much. Heck, even more, iOS might not even support something like that without some extra code rewritting.


Mike9625, 19 hours agoWtF are you just talking about, was apple the one that actually started the trend of the notch… moreFirst, as I always said, ugly or not, the Notch on iPhone is actually a genius move, and this is because IOS and Android are different.

On IOS, the iPhone don’t have much things going on on the top of the display, there are no notifications, only statut informations, what they did is simply squeeze both sensors and statut icons each at their own place, there is a huge density of sensors that no other Android Smartphone except Huawei ever reproduced, and that’s why the notch is actually great on iPhone, because it allow a lot of sensors to exist on the front of the phone while still allowing status icons to be here.

On iPhone the notch isn’t to be thought as a dent on the display but rather as a top bezel squeezed on the center with additional display on its side to show the statut icons, which on non fullscreen apps, on non notched iPhones, take space on top of the display, here they are confined in the notch area.

So you can’t get better space optimisation than the notch except with a really tiny bezel.

Also, being a unique model without many variations, the iPhone X with his additional height mean that app’s UI was automatically out of the notch on fullscreen, so it wasn’t a problematic thing, it is an evolved bezel more than the Android notch which is totally different.

On Android all that goes from advantages to issues, not only the top area is for statut icons which are more numerous, but it also contain notifications which can really quickly be in large numbers, and since Android Smartphones are widely different from each others, the notch was from the beginning an issue for apps, so much that Google was forced to patch Android to fix those issues and allow a way out by disabling the notch.

So even if the notch is ugly on iPhone, on a practical level it is actually the smartest design choice other than extremely thin bezel they could make.

And well, basically every Android smartphone copied it from initially large notch to smaller until reaching the teardrop one which then evolved into the hole, meaning over 90% of the phone released this last year basically copied Apple.

I am not an Apple fanboy, if anything, I don’t like Apple products, but you can’t complain that Apple MIGHT copy few features while ALL brands but Sony copied the biggest visual characteristic of the latest Apple flagship and are still today maintaining the “evolved” (though for me loss of most front sensor is a devolution) form of it with teardrop notch and punch hole.

The Jack removal was a dick move, I totally agree, and I hate this trend, as the Jack port is one of the most important and versatile connector of Smartphones because of how many things it can be plugged into, they only did that to sell their adapters…

There is a CLEAR difference between the evolution of the market, the norms, the technology and features and copying features.

Copying the notch from Apple, the smaller one from other Android brands, the teardrop one and the punch hole, all those are clearly mindless copy, but what you quote are more a technological improvement than a feature of a single brand.

Fullscreen through any mean isn’t something any brand can say they are the inventor on and the other copy them, it is like thin border PC monitor, bigger battery, better display resolution, or even things like car’s airbags or printers with Wi-Fi…

All those are user’s quality of life improvements, and it would actually be a SHAME to not adopte them too…

Imagine if the biggest tech was only kept to a single brand, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or newer version of it would be on a single smartphone, same for GPS and other newer sat nav, fingerprint scanner, telephoto, optical stabilisation, UNIVERSAL Serial Bus, NFC, flashlight mode, router mode, etc…

All those, I am sure we are all glad other brand did adopt them too rather than only the first one to implement it is able to keep them.

There is a big difference between a brand specific thing and the evolution of tech.


Demongornot, 20 hours agoBased on how much other brand always copy the latest iPhone flagship design, it may be a good … moreWtF are you just talking about, was apple the one that actually started the trend of the notch, which is hideous, and don’t forget about the jack removal. And now let’s talk about what features apple will copy this year. Reverse wireless charging, high refresh rate on screen and maybe improve the charging speed.


Based on how much other brand always copy the latest iPhone flagship design, it may be a good news as Android brands might FINALLY get rid of those pesky notches and punch holes (both being so refractory to the Android’s notification and statut bar system) and finally get back to bezel but this time thin ones like the Meizu 16 family…

And if we are lucky, they might also start FINALLY putting more than just a single camera and rather put 3D facial recognition and other useful sensors, mainly with the upcoming Qualcomm and Trinamix partnership who allow through the standard IR camera + dot projector to check for living skin, dramatically improving security.

So it may be finally the end of the dark age of Smartphones with butchered displays and the upcoming period real almost fullscreen (close enough anyway) + useful front sensors.

Maybe security will FINALLY be the next trend and the sweet sweet Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max might be implemented on more than just one phone if Samsung don’t screw it up with the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 !

I really hope there will be a phone with real secured 3D facial unlock + large area multiple fingers ultrasonic underdisplay fingerprint scanner, either of them for mondain unlocking and option to require both for sensitive things like money or official related (and other sensitive informations) apps !

I just hope Android will FINALLY improve software side and allow for more fingerprints and multiples face !!!

I just hope Android based brands won’t stupidly copy the uselessly and excessively large side borders !

Though it might also help killing the other fuel of nightmare which are the curved edge displays !

Go Apple, thanks you for being the only brand with a brain in term of decisions and who don’t mindlessly follow stupid trends !

Those things alone almost make me want to switch to Apple.


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Multiple sources are claiming iPhone SE2/9 is in mass prod. though?


Yep, they use Turkcell to test 5G. hahaha

It’s obviously a fake render. Don’t be so easy to trick.


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Shady69, 22 hours agoif the design is true, last year’s iphone would look so much outdated compared to this year.Good, they need to start production because I am not going to wait a year to upgrade. Workers, enough sheltering! Get back to work.


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If Apple can bring the sensor-shift image stabilisation and implement it successfully in the iPhone 12 Pro Max with no problems, keep pricing of the base model unchanged (except 5G, and doesn’t matter if it’s a minor upgrade), and at least be more generous with charging and kit, then it’ll be a game changer again. Apple has been on the right track since the iPhone XR and XS.


That’s a good news, patiently waiting for it. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade for me even though my current iPhone is still perfectly fine.


if the design is true, last year’s iphone would look so much outdated compared to this year.


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