The next iPhone could look amazing (DBS Designing)

The next version of the iPhone looks set to land in September and gadget fans are already getting excited about it.

We don’t know if it’ll be christened the iPhone XI or the iPhone 11 at this point but thanks to a few leaks and rumours, there are some thoughts about what it’ll look like.

And the team at DBS Designing have obviously been paying attention to the swathe of rumours and alleged images of the new iPhone.

They’ve created a slick, unofficial concept video that envisions what the next iPhone may look like. The short clip, posted to YouTube, shows the camera bump in the corner of the device that’s been hinted at by several leaked images.

The DBS Designing video shows off four lenses which, if real, would mean improved focusing and AR capabilities. The video also shows the phones in four different colours: gold, black, white and Apple’s striking red variant.

The video also shows reverse-wireless charging could allow fans to charge their AirPods directly from the phone. It’s a gimmick that Huawei and Samsung have both embraced and iPhone may well be hoping that Apple takes note.

Finally, the video also assumes that Apple is going to ditch the Lightning connector for a USB-C port. This would follow the company’s iPad Pro lineup and bring the iPhone more into line with the vast majority of other phones out there.

Black or white? (DBS Designing)
Apple looks set to ditch the Lightning port in favour of USB C (DBS Designing)
And look, there’s no notch (DBS Designing)

Apple watchers are speculating that Apple will make the change with the iPhone XI.

One French user was testing out a beta version of iOS 13 – the next Apple mobile operating system – when they noticed a clue which could point to the tech giant’s future plans. When they plugged an iPhone into their Mac computer, it showed a graphic which has been described as a USB-C cable – although it’s not entirely clear which type of cable it is.

Apple has always been highly secretive about the development of its new gadgets. But the company is surely in the last stages of production at the moment if it plans to keep to its launch history.

The most recent iPhone models have always been revealed in early September. So fans only have about three months to wait to find out what’s in store.

We just hope the price isn’t going to be too high.


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