Is The Future of Business in Remote?

For many, one of the biggest positives to emerge over the past two years has been within the increasing flexibility and change afforded by the introduction of remote working in a much wider scale, whilst some have been eagerly awaiting the daily commute and return to the office, many can think of nothing they’d like less. For now, it seems as if remote working opportunities are here to stay as bigger businesses are able to take advantage of a much wider talent pool and hire individuals that may have not been an option beforehand, but is remote working as a whole the future of business, or will things start to slide back to the way they had been?

Is The Future of Business in Remote?

For some, it has been telegraphed for some time, the digital nomad lifestyle has been on the rise and can click here for more info around how many international locations have started to welcome growing numbers of foreign workers looking to take advantage of remote working visas and similar opportunities to have the comfort of work at home but the flexibility to be in a more desirable location whilst doing so. But this hasn’t been the only change, and only makes up a small part of what business may be going through as it welcomes more remote options too.

The biggest option has come from recruitment possibilities and is something that is having a larger impact for many businesses – the ability to hire workers from further afield even locally means a much bigger pool to choose from, highly talented workers that may not have been willing to relocate for the city lifestyle or those who may not have even had the opportunity to interview in the first place are now finding the opportunity to do so, and it has been extremely successful for many. This shift alone has many firm in the belief that remote could remain the future of business, as it continues to afford more opportunities in this space.

There are certainly still changes to come, remote meetings will continue to see a big change as platforms develop and evolve to better suit the needs of those most using them but have certainly become a remote staple as platforms like Teams and Zoom had found increasing success. Some of the experience is lost remotely, however, and there will always be the call to have a more physical side to business to as something that many deem essential, but as the younger workers who have preferred this change to remote start to become the future of many business, the question of whether these older motives for physical meetings and expectations are lost in favour of the future seen for remote.

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