Is this the world’s cutest robot? Cuddly droid called Lovot released at CES 2020

This is Lovot, perhaps the most unthreatening robot we’ve ever seen (Image: Groove X)

In the movies, robots have a tendency to look terrifying and be hellbent on the eradication of humanity.

So we’re glad to tell you that not all droids are as scary as The Terminator.

A super-cute cuddly robot called Lovot has been released at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020.

Described as a ‘new home robot that stirs your instinct to love’, the machine was created by Japanese designers to be a kind of artificial pet.

It’s reportedly warm to the touch courtesy of its internal electronics, making it even more huggable, and comes with facial recognition so it can identify its owner’s face.

The ‘bot is basically designed to be a cute little robo-puppy and will wave its arms at you if it wants attention. Mapping software built into it will allow Lovot to work out the layout of your home automatically.

Lovot was first showed off last year as a prototype but is now a fully-fledged robot that’s available to buy for about $2,800.

Owners will also have to pay a subscription fee costing between $83 and $185 per month because the machine is updated regularly by creators Groove X. Which isn’t cheap, so Lovot is a very expensive way to bring a bit of love and warmth to your otherwise barren life.

Two Lovots will interact with each other. The one peeping around the corner is programmed to be ‘jealous’ of the love being smothered on its robo-rival (Image: Groove X)

Scientists recently unveiled the world’s first robotic fly which cannot be killed using a flyswatter or squashed with a shoe.

A team from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland developed a ‘soft’ insect capable of zooming along at about 0.1 miles per hour powered by artificial muscles.

Thankfully, the nightmarish droids cannot take to the air and are significantly slower than houseflies, which can reach speeds of up to 15mph in short bursts.

‘Imagine swarms of robotic insects moving around us as they perform various tasks,’ the university said in a statement.

‘It might sound like science fiction, but it’s actually more plausible than you might think.’

The team developed two versions of this soft robot, dubbed DEAnsect.

The first is powered using ultra-thin wires and is ‘exceptionally robust’.

‘It can be folded, hit with a fly swatter or squashed by a shoe without impacting its ability to move,’ the university added.

The second is an ‘untethered model’ that is fully wireless and autonomous, meaning it can think for itself to a limited degree.

It weighs less than 1 gram and carries its battery and all electronic components on its back.

A view of the slightly terrifying robot insect (Image: EPFL)

The ‘intelligent insect’ is equipped with a microcontroller for a brain and photodiodes as eyes, allowing it to recognize black and white patterns so it can follow any line drawn on the ground.

So, to sum up, there’s now a robot insect that’s tiny, creepy, unbeatable and relatively intelligent.

And if that’s not scary enough for you, the scientists want to let them talk to one another.

‘In the longer term, we plan to fit new sensors and emitters to the insects so they can communicate directly with one another,’ said Professor Herbert Shea.


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