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As security embraces IT-centric solutions, it can provide business value over and above security. Now in charge of managing a variety of data – e.g., from video platforms – a company’s security function has access to a range of new metrics.

While security may use video to analyze a security event, machine learning can analyze the same data for other business capabilities, such as quality control or when a policy has been breached. “It’s the same camera, but with dual purpose,” says Matt Kushner, Global President of Stanley Security Products and Solutions.

Stanley Security, one of the largest integrators with a global footprint, has positioned itself at the center of the industry’s transformation by information technology (IT) and the Internet of Things. “Security will become an expanded business partner with corporations,” Kushner comments. In response to the trend, Stanley is hiring more IT-oriented technicians and salespeople within the IT community and who can “speak at the C-level,” Kushner comments.

Sonitrol is the most recognised brand by law enforcement for verified response

Data centers, higher education and logistics

Stanley manages very large, multi-national clients. As a consequence, the Stanley security organization has some of the best and brightest minds for enterprise-class security. To maintain that level of talent, Stanley is committed to education. “We bring them into the family and focus on education, such as IT and IoT training. That’s critical in a world where unemployment is less than 3%. Finding good people, growing good people, and retaining good people – we do that exceptionally well at Stanley,” says Kushner.

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Stanley’s strong vertical markets including data centers, higher education, and logistics. They are also strong in multi-location installations (such as banking.) Stanley has a big footprint throughout North America and Europe. 

PACOM access control and 3xLOGIC cloud-based solutions

In addition to Stanley’s core integrator business, the company also manages several manufacturing brands such as PACOM access control and 3xLOGIC cloud-based solutions. Mergers and acquisitions have been commonplace in the integrator spaceBeyond its company-owned integrator locations under the Stanley brand, the company also owns Sonitrol, the strongest brand in the market for verified response with 65 franchises in North America. Sonitrol is the most recognized brand by law enforcement for verified response.

Mergers and acquisitions have been commonplace in the integrator space, and Kushner says that Stanley is “open and actively looking for properties that fit our commercial growth strategy.” He notes that Stanley focuses on the commercial side of the market, where there are good margins and continuing growth. They pay less attention to the residential side which is “being heavily disrupted.”

Strong partnerships with manufacturers

Stanley has strong partnerships with several manufacturer partners, through which they bring new breakout technologies to market from emerging companies. An example is Evolv Technology, a manufacturer of gun and bomb detection technology. “We see them as a leading provider of the technology, and they are, in my mind, a very disruptive provider,” says Kushner. Stanley is also collaborating with a company – to be announced – that provides a unique gunshot detection technology, he says.

Stanley is also cooperating with dormakaba to implement Switch Tech, a Bluetooth wireless core that can replace any standard mechanical lock core. Existing locks can be transformed into electromechanical locks in minutes. Stanley is also developing a tight integration with Lenel’s mobile credentialing system.

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Stanley is also cooperating with dormakaba to implement Switch Tech

GSX 2019 and ISC West 2020

At the recent GSX 2019 show in Chicago, Kushner says Stanley heard a lot about cybersecurity, especially customers wanting to make sure they are investing in cyber-hygiene and who are looking to expand into providing cyber protection. “In concert with cyber-hygiene, they are looking for health monitoring or assurance that network devices are operating properly,” he says. “They want to ensure their security platforms are cyber-secure and up to date with the latest software versions.”

Stanley is also a big proponent of cloud offerings, and Kushner hints at a big announcement at the upcoming ISC West show in Las Vegas of additional cloud offerings and/or partnerships. “There will be a variety of new solutions to be introduced, including hosted solutions and applications that benefit both security and that add new value to businesses overall.”


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