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Apple has just released an update with security fixes for iTunes Window users. The iTunes 12.12.4 update includes fixes for the software and aims to patch different vulnerabilities that were recently spotted.

Apple iTunes 12.12.4 Update: Security Fixes for Five Vulnerabilities

According to the story by Apple Insider, the company has released a new Windows version for its iTunes with patches that prioritize security fixes. The security fixes aim to solve WebKit and Mobile Device Service issues.

The article notes that at least five fixes will be rolled out in Apple’s new iTunes 12.12.4 update. These fixes attempt to remedy a security flaw found in the underlying software of Apple.

How to Get the iTunes 12.12.4 Update

In order to get the update and protect your computer from these vulnerabilities, the Apple iTunes 12.12.4 can be downloaded either on Apple’s website or on the Windows Store.

One of the major issues that the iTunes 12.12.4 aims to address is the AppleGraphicsControl issue. This particular issue can reportedly “lead to arbitrary code execution” which could cause application termination unexpectedly due to it being an ImageIO issue.

Why Vulnerabilities Need to be Patched

The iTunes vulnerability could also allow privileges to be elevated by the attacker which could result in exploitation or damage. To be more specific, the Mobile Device Service could give attackers access to certain files without the need for permission.

Once attackers gain access to certain files, they will then have the ability to delete them without the user knowing. Another major issue being addressed by the iTunes 12.12.4 is the WebKit flaw.

Apple’s Measures When a Vulnerability is Spotted

The WebKit flaw allows execution of arbitrary code which can be used for malicious purposes. The arbitrary code that could potentially be executed can be done “through maliciously crafted web content.”

As per Apple Insider, the two issues have already been fixed and more information regarding other vulnerabilities can be found on Apple’s official website. To add, the website notes that the Cupertino giant does not “disclose, discuss or confirm security issues” for their own customer’s protection until the issues have been investigated or have patches available.

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What Happens After Patching a Vulnerability

The website also directs people to Apple’s security page which shows users a detailed process regarding how to report vulnerabilities should they arrive on iTunes or other applications by the Cupertino giant. Although the company does spend a lot of efforts into making sure that its environment stays secure from hackers or cybercriminals, finding and patching vulnerabilities are part of the process.

Once a vulnerability is pointed out and fixed, attackers won’t be able to exploit the same loophole again. This, in turn, results in a more secure app or software for its users.

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