New Zealand has a new game studio full of zeal. JaffJam will be based in the country and focus on hyper casual games. The company will include veterans of mobile developers that have worked for the likes of Disney, Marvel, Sony Pictures, and Zynga.

But JaffaJam’s ambitions go beyond just making games.

“JaffaJam’s vision is to perfect the way free-to-play games are made and monetized by building profiles of player preferences and serving them individually targeted experiences, consistently growing a network of fans by constantly improving a pipeline from prototype to market for both its own games and those of development partners,” a press release from the new company told GamesBeat.

The studio has created a development toolset for Unity that it calls Bubblegum. The toolset is “a modular system for integrating common and complex functionality for in-game systems such as procedural-generation, music mixers, localization, character selection, and achievements with an ongoing roadmap to add many more.”

Mountain Madness, which has players controlling a skiing penguin, will be JaffaJam’s debut game.


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