The XJ is an amazing car, you can throw it around like an F-Type, and it is so well planted unlike teh s-class that wallows and slips, the BM is better than the Merc, but the XJ is superior than both.


And considering that the 2008 XJ looked like a 1968 XJ, how anyone can say that it looks rubbish, clearly knows nothing about design, and bring things into teh new Millenium, rather than harking back to the past every five minutes. 

The RR is the same, it has to move with the times, and for those that state they are going to be happy with teh new XJ, you have no idea what it will look like so please stop making silly comments on something you know nothing about as yet, this current XJ, is lighter, roomier, quicker, better specified and so on then the model before it, so again, how can the previous be better, when this one is superior in every way.Personally i like the look of the last old school XJ, but this current one, is also a greta looking car too. prettier than bother its German counterparts.


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