Jaguar’s new all-electric I-Pace is the cat’s whiskers

SIXTY-FIVE odd grand for a Jag is pretty steep.

But, given the path Jaguar has chosen to follow to its 100-per-cent electric future – that of Bentley-rivalling luxuriousness with price tags to match – you could look at this latest I-Pace as a bit of a snip.

Jaguar’s new I-Pace is  the cat’s whiskers


Jaguar’s new I-Pace is  the cat’s whiskers

Three years ago, the arrival of the I-Pace – Jaguar’s first fully electric car – stole the march on the traditional premium sector’s less than enthusiastic rollout of EVs.

Bagging the World Car Of The Year title it was the first performance SUV sans engine.

It looked mega, it wasn’t a Tesla, would take you some 200 miles on a single charge, and was British designed and engineered.

But with an overly optimistic official range compared to reality and relatively slow charging, it had room to improve. And while the rest of the automotive world caught up quickly, Jag’s geek squad got tinkering.

My favourite element is the ever-tactile, deep-dish steering wheel


My favourite element is the ever-tactile, deep-dish steering wheelCredit: MARIUSZBEKAS 2018

It looks just the same, so there is nothing to report there with it being just as genuinely striking and substantial in its stance as it’s ever been.

While it’s still as incredibly fast and handles notably better than it’s bulkiness suggests. 

But it will now take you up to 292 miles (officially) on a single charge of its 90kW battery and can recharge at speeds of up to 33 miles of range in one hour if your home has a three-phase electricity supply.

If it doesn’t, and you plug it in next to the kettle with a standard three-pin, you’ll still be waiting a day and half for full battery juicing, which could prove a problem in an emergency.

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The I-Pace will take you up to 292 miles on a single charge


The I-Pace will take you up to 292 miles on a single charge

But, if you invest in a pricey I-Pace there is not a cat’s chance in hell you won’t have a fast charge wall unit installed on your driveway anyway. 

The infotainment has received a welcome upgrade, too, with a 12in high-definition instrument cluster, a pair of touchscreens and some fancy haptic rotary controllers. 

A new 3D-surround camera system makes parking a cinch to compensate for the compromised rear visibility in the traditional over-the-shoulder way.

It also boasts a “self-learning” satnav, whatever that means, and a complimentary 4G data plan with unlimited music-streaming which is a neat touch to complement your hopefully compatible smartphone as it charges wirelessly. 

Key facts: JAGUAR I-PACE 400PS

  • Price: from £65,245
  • Power: 395hp (294kW), 696Nm
  • Range: 292miles
  • 0-62mph: 4.5secs
  • Top speed: 124mph
  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Out: Now
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Inside is where the I-Pace is arguably more impressive than it is from outside.

Luxurious soft-touch textiles juxtaposed with satin chrome and angular piano-black surfaces create quite the reassuringly high-class cabin experience. 

It certainly whets the appetite for the anticipated new levels of luxury we can expect in the future as Jaguar pushes further upstairs.

But my favourite element is the ever-tactile, deep-dish steering wheel that the marque has been running with for many years now.

It’s a welcome touch reminding you that, despite all this edgy modernity, this is still a Jaaaaag. 

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