Jakarta needs to draft a gubernatorial regulation on road safety soon, as the city does not have a “systematic and comprehensive plan to reduce road accidents”, the Jakarta Transportation Council (DTKJ) has said.

Included in the regulation would be road infrastructure, motorist behavior and management during road accidents, said DTKJ safety and feasibility commission head Najid.

“Jakarta does not have a systematic and comprehensive plan to reduce road accidents,” Najid said in a written statement on Friday.

He said that Government Regulation No. 37/2017 on road safety had required regional administrations to draft a Regional Road Safety General Plan (RUDK).

DTKJ member M. Zainal Abidin said he expected each related city working unit (SKPD) to already have a program and performance indicator on safety, “but they haven’t been coordinated and managed together so they don’t have any synergy yet that can effectively reduce road accidents”.

“Road safety is each citizen’s basic right and should be a concern of the Jakarta governor,” said DTKJ deputy head Donny Andy Saragih.


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