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James Bowie and Maud each landed a superlative on the 10-2A, Division II All-District football team.

Evan Williams of James Bowie was selected Co-Defensive MVP.

Maud’s Briley Barron was named Offensive Newcomer of the Year.

Detroit had the most superlatives with four. Joel Hinson was Co-Offensive MVP, Claude Scales earned Co-Defensive MVP, Cloedus Scales was the Newcomer of the Year and the Eagles had the Co-Coaching Staff of the Year with Mount Enterprise.

Mount Enterprise’s other superlatives were Kendre Miller as District MVP and Deandre Ferguson as Lineman of the Year.

Quay Scales of Clarksville was Co-Offensive MVP. Defensive Newcomer of the Year was Ronomeke Rodriguez of Clarksville, and Utility Player of the Year was the Blue Tigers’ Michael Moore.

Rayne Bailey of Maud was chose first-team quarterback.

First-team running backs were Tucker Sanders of Maud, Duncan Hammonds of James Bowie and Derrick Jackson of Mount Enterprise.

Neo Scales of Clarksville was named first-team tight end.

Skylar Pate(Maud), Whitt Rogers (James Bowie), Dedrick Jackson (Mount Enterprise), Kaden Dike (Overton) and Kyler Scott (Detroit) were chosen offensive linemen.

First-team receivers were Tra’Derrian Rose (Clarksville), RJ Owens (Clarksville) and Hunter Crutchfield (Detroit).

Defensive tackles included Whitt Rogers of James Bowie, Justin Gomez of Overton and Dedrick Jackson of Mount Enterprise.

Chance Hicks (Maud), Josh Bishop (Mount Enterprise) and Scales (Mount Enterprise) were the first-team defensive ends.

Outside linebackers voted in were Brandon Hall of Maud, Garrett Brown of James Bowie, Patrick Johnson of Mount Enterprise and Kody Golightly of Detroit.

Rayne Bailey (Maud), Zach Johnson (Mount Enterprise) and Lawton Buchanan (Detroit)m were chosen inside linebackers.

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Cornerbacks were Tyler Crabtree of James Bowie, Tra’Derrian Rose of Clarksville, Hunter Crutchfield of Detroit and Christian Newman of Mount Enterprise.

James Bowie’s Ethan Fields, and Mount Enterprise’s Landon Andros rounded out the first team at safety.

Second-team honorees for James Bowie included Garrett Brown at quarterback and Brandon Obenoskey at defensive end.

Maud’s second teamers were receiver Tristian White and linemen Seth Brower and Chance Hicks.


10-2A All-District Team



District MVP—Kendre Miller, Mount Enterprise.

Co-Defensive MVP—Evan Williams, James Bowie; Claude Scales, Detroit.

Co-Offensive MVP—Quay Scales, Clarksville; Joel Hinson, Detroit.

Lineman of the Year—Deandre Ferguson, Mount Enterprise.

Newcomer of the Year—Cloedus Scales, Detroit.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year—Briley Barron, Maud.

Defensive Newcomer of the Year—Ronomeke Rodriguez, Clarksville.

Utility Player of the Year—Michael Moore, Clarksville.

Co-Coaching Staff of the Year—Detroit and Mount Enterprise.


First Team

Quarterback—Rayne Bailey, Maud.

Running back—Tucker Sanders, Maud; Duncan Hammonds, James Bowie; Derrick Jackson, Mount Enterprise.

Tight end—Neo Scales, Clarksville.

Linemen—Skylar Pate, Maud; Whitt Rogers, James Bowie; Dedrick Jackson, Mount Enterprise; Kaden Dike, Overton; Kyler Scott, Detroit.

Wide receivers—Tra’Derrian Rose, Clarksville; RJ Ownes; Clarksville; Hunter Crutchfield, Detroit.

Defensive tackle—Whitt Rogers, James Bowie; Justin Gomez, Overton; Dedrick Jackson, Mount Enterprise.

Defensive end—Chance Hicks, Maud; Josh Bishop, Mount Enterprise; Neo Scales, Mount Enterprise.

Outside linebacker—Brandon Hall, Maud; Garrett Brown, James Bowie; Patrick Johnson, Mount Enterprise; Kody Golightly, Detroit.

Inside linebacker—Rayne Bailey, Maud; Zach Johnson, Mount Enterprise; Lawton Buchanan, Detroit.

Cornerback—Tyler Crabtree, James Bowie; Tra’Derrian Rose, Clarksville; Hunter Crutchfield, Detroit; Christian Newman, Mount Enterprise.

Safety—Ethan Fields, James Bowie; Landon Andros, Mount Enterprise.

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Second Team All-District

Quarterback—Garrett Brown, James Bowie.

Running back—Geo Dennis, Overton; Lawton Buchanan, Detroit.

Tight end—Chris Henson, Overton.

Linemen—Seth Brower, Maud; Chance Hicks, Maud; Ardadrian Gray, Clarksville; Adam Beam, Detroit; JaMar Thompson, Mount Enterprise.

Wide receivers—Tristian White, Maud; Amarion Black, Clarksville; Kody Golightly, Detroit.

Defensive tackle—Tylik Williams, Clarksville; JaMar Thompson, Mount Enterprise; Eric Williams, Detroit.

Defensive end—Brandon Obenoskey, James Bowie; Cody McCoin, Detroit.

Cornerback—Cade Williamson, Mount Enterprise; Taye Tilley, Mount Enterprise; Terrance Brown, Detroit.

Safety—Eric Minter, Detroit; Cole Marshall, Overton.


Honorable Mention—James Bowie: Ethan Lum, Branden Hanna, Justin Hudgins, Billy Walker.


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