Let’s just say we delivered a car to Ireland – what could we bring back? I looked at some Jaguars and Audis and they were priced the same as in the UK, if not more. I know that classics are quite highly taxed, so it would be interesting to see what sort of survivors are in circulation over there.

A quick search threw up a rather interesting 1986 Audi 100 saloon. A proper Vorsprung example that you just don’t see. Yours for 4500 (£3870). Classic BMWs seemed to be at UK levels, but I found another rarely seen Audi, again from 1986 – a five-cylinder 90CD at 4600 (£3960).

Still being oddly 1980s: how about a Talbot Horizon 1.5GL? A five-door hatchback with 43,000 miles that is all but extinct can be yours for 4450 (£3830). Staying square and back to yet another Audi, I came across a 1984 1.8 Coupé for 1500 (£1290) that has a burst brake pipe and “some missing windows”. Not perfect, but apparently the body is not too bad.

There are deals and potential swaps to be done. I think if you actually went to Ireland with euros like some friends have, you’ll get a better deal. That’s the way it works.

What we almost bought this week

Seat Arosa 1.0 S: The great thing about this Arosa is that it’s just had a new clutch, cambelt and water pump. If we’d had to replace them, the bill would have been £895 – which, by coincidence, is exactly what the seller is asking for the car. It’s a 2004-reg with 98,000 miles and an MOT until March. To make us feel doubly smug, we’d want 12 months.

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Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Porsche Cayenne – mileage 104,456: Days away from the MOT and I have sort of given it my unprofessional once over. I will tempt fate by saying that it isn’t going to fail on anything especially obvious. The tyres seem fine, there are no brake issues and, best of all, there is a lack of warning lights. I also told the garage to give it a little light service. Last year it went to a specialist and has only had light usage since, so I think an oil and filter is all that’s required. Let’s hope I’m right. If not, it will be an expensive visit to the garage. What fun.

Reader’s ride



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