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Jamie Raskin says Trump has ‘essentially’ admitted to January 6 crimes

Republicans on the January 6 committee are facing more resistance than ever as the panel continues to reveal how Donald Trump pursued conspiracies that his own advisers knew were bunk.

Rep Adam Kinzinger has published evidence of vivid death threats he has received in recent weeks in response to the panel’s work, which he said was unprecedented in his congressional career.

Elsewhere, a top ally of Donald Trump in his bid for loyalists in the Republican US Senate caucus stoked controversy on Monday with the release of a new ad declaring “RINO”-hunting season.

In a shocking video posted to Twitter and Facebook, Missouri’s Eric Greitens poses with a squad of heavily-armed men in military gear as they storm an empty house. The hard-right Republican then declares that the party needs to purge itself of so-called “RINOs”.

“Order your RINO hunting permit today!” his campaign declared on Twitter.

Mr Greitens is running in a crowded GOP primary for the Republican nomination to the US Senate; a GOP candidate is favoured to win in the state, but polling shows him only a few points ahead of the most likely Democratic challengers.


GOP effort to bus migrants out of Texas is racking up costs

Greg Abbott’s plan to charter buses to transport undocumented migrants out of his state has already cost the state nearly $3m – and transported a proportionately-low number of migrants for that total.

What the White House once derided as a “publicity stunt” has led to less than 2,000 migrants leaving the state over the course of two months.

Read more in The Independent:

John Bowden20 June 2022 21:15


Twitter adds warning to Greitens ad

Twitter has joined Facebook in enforcing its rules against Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens over an ad appearing to call for “hunting” of Republicans who are in his eyes insuffiiciently conservative.

But unlike Facebook, Twitter has elected to only place a warning on the tweet itself, while allowing the video to remain.

Read more about the ad from The Independent’s Eric Garcia:

John Bowden20 June 2022 20:32


Texas’s Republican Party affirms support for election fraud lies

The Republican Party of Texas met over the weekend and laid out its party platform. At the top of the list: a full-throated endorsement of the false claim that Joe Biden was elected president in part or entirely due to fraud.

Somehow, that wasn’t the most shocking part of the party’s far-right platform, which has been wholly overtaken by the right-wing fringe of the conservative movement.

The Independent’s Andrew Naughtie breaks down the Texas GOP’s new extreme bent:

John Bowden20 June 2022 19:52


Trump-backed candidate who joined anti-drag panic used to frequent drag shows

A Republican candidate for governor in Arizona running with the support of Donald Trump is being branded a hypocrite after it was revealed that she previously attended drag shows and was a fan of the art before joining the right-wing fearmonguering over the issue that has erupted in the past year.

Kari Lake is now blaming the media for exposing her sudden change of views.

Read more from The Independent’s Johanna Chisholm:

John Bowden20 June 2022 19:06


Poll: Most Americans think Trump should face Jan 6 charges

While Donald Trump insists to his followers that the 6 January committee is subjecting him to a “witch hunt”, it seems that most Americans disagree, with a new poll indicating that the majority think he should face criminal charges over the insurrection.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Justice Department could bring such charges whether or not the committee decides to make a criminal referral, a decision on which its members have differed in public.

John Bowden20 June 2022 18:30


Facebook confirms removal of Eric Greitens ad

A spokesperson for Facebook parent company Meta confirmed the removal of an ad published by Eric Greitens’ Senate campaign on Monday due the ad’s shocking imagery and messaging.

In the ad, Mr Greitens and a squad of heavily-armed men in military-style gear breach an empty house while Mr Greitens declares he is “hunting” RINO’s – “Republicans in Name Only”.

“We removed this video for violating our policies prohibiting violence and incitement,” a spokesperson for Meta told CNN.

Read more from The Independent’s Eric Garcia:

John Bowden20 June 2022 18:01


Analysis: Five Senate races to watch in November

The midterms are expected to see the Republican Party take control of the House of Representatives, but the Senate is a slightly different matter. As Eric Garcia writes, some of the GOP’s chosen candidates have problems serious enough that they could lose winnable races, allowing Democrats to hold and even flip crucial states that might decide the balance of power in the upper chamber.

Read his full analysis below.

Andrew Naughtie20 June 2022 17:30


Hardcore Republican posts ad threatening “RINOs”

Controversial Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens has refused to drop out of his Republican primary despite being accused of horrific domestic abuse. And as he and his rival candidates jockey for a possible Trump endorsement, he has released a stunningly militaristic campaign ad that features him and several armed troops (of some kind) storming into a house, rifles blazing, in seach of a RINO.

It’s worth remembering that just days ago, the 6 January committee unveiled a devastating account of how Donald Trump helped spur a violent mob of supporters into hunting down Mike Pence. Some, the panel said, clearly intended to hurt or kill him if they found him.

Andrew Naughtie20 June 2022 17:00


Kinzinger shares death threat sent to him and his family

One of two Republicans on the committee along with congresswoman Liz Cheney, Mr Kinzinger shared a picture of the threat on Twitter.

“This threat that came in, it was mailed to my house,” the Illinois Republican said in an interview on Sunday. “We got it a couple of days ago, and it threatens to execute me, as well as my wife and 5-month-old child”.

Mr Kinzinger continued by saying he had “never seen or had anything like that” before, despite his long-running condemnation of former president Donald Trump.

Andrew Naughtie20 June 2022 16:30


Trump-backed candidate branded ‘hypocrite’ by drag queen who performed at her birthday

An Arizona gubernatorial candidate with a reputation as a hardcore right-winger has been branded a hypocrite by a drag queen who performed at her birthday.

Republican Kari Lake, who has been endorsed by Donald Trump, tweeted that drag queens have been “welcomed” into public school classrooms while God was “kicked out” by politicians who “took down our Flag and replaced it with a rainbow”.

However, Richard Stevens – more famously known by the drag name he’s performed under for more than two decades, Barbra Seville – took it upon himself to provide the receipts.

“I’ve performed for Kari’s birthday, I’ve performed in her home (with children present,) and I’ve performed for her at some of the seediest bars in Phoenix,” he wrote on Facebook.

Johanna Chisholm has the story.

Andrew Naughtie20 June 2022 16:00


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