Certis’ Mozart platform integrates data from smart operations, IoT sensors, CCTV cameras and mobile devices to improve overall situational awareness and manpower deployment at Jewel.

Running security operations at what is possibly Singapore’s most popular and bustling shopping mall – Jewel Changi Airport – is certainly far from an easy feat, considering all the things that could go awry.

Despite the odds, Singapore-based security firm Certis does that with its newest operations-technology, which can handle various facets of security management in one single effective system.

Dubbed “Mozart”, Certis touts it as a “multi-services orchestration platform” that collates data from the firm’s various operations and consolidates smaller systems (such as video analytics and human traffic counter integration) for greater situational awareness.

This includes the coordination of over 5,000 Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, 700 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and 500 mobile devices, at Certis’ main base – the Jewel Smart Operations Centre.

The platform serves as the cornerstone of Certis’ “Security+” concept, which it claims provides advanced, integrated facilities management, security and guest experience all within a “single holistic solution”.

Jewel’s Smart Operations Centre where the Mozart system is deployed.

Here, information and insights collected by Certis are processed to heighten operational efficiency, enforce safety and security, optimise resource utilisation and improve guest experiences at Jewel.

For instance, Mozart is able to accurately inform personnel of the exact location of faulty equipment that need repair through live tracking and CCTV images that are accessible on a single screen.

The Mozart dashboard for situational awareness, such as when faulty equipment is detected.
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It can even help service staff find certain individuals like a lost child using an intelligent attribute search function. The user simply inputs the person’s characteristics and Mozart will pull up CCTV images from its database that show a close match.

Using Mozart’s attribute search function to locate a lost child.

Mozart also uses data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide pre-emptive and predictive operational insights to manage different kinds of scenarios, such as when human traffic or carpark congestion exceeds a certain threshold.

Once these incidents are detected by the system, Certis personnel are sent to the respective locations to handle the situation, allowing for more efficient and dynamic allocation of manpower across Jewel.

A mobile app to help staff

Certis also introduced Argus, a “next-generation” support system that can be accessed by its personnel through a mobile app.

With standard operating procedures available in a few taps of the screen, security officers and facilities management crew are able to respond and be deployed quickly to areas where assistance is required.

The Argus mobile app enables security officers and facilities management crew to be quickly and efficiently deployed where they are needed.
Business Insider / Jonathan Loh

Autonomous robot ensures smooth traffic flow

And it’s not just what’s happening on the inside of Jewel that matters.

The organisation also introduced its first autonomous Patrol and Traffic Enforcement Robot – known as PETER – which performs kerbside patrols outside Jewel’s main entrance to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Certis’ Patrol and Traffic Enforcement Robot, otherwise known as PETER.
Business Insider / Jonathan Loh
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Decked with a wide-screen LCD screen, scrolling LED lights and stereo speakers, PETER is able to detect vehicles that flout the “no parking and waiting” rule and display appropriate warnings.

Depending on how long the driver takes to be compliant with the rules, PETER will escalate from displaying an advisory message to a warning that is accompanied by a siren alert and strobe lights before it finally calls for security personnel to intervene.

Business Insider / Jonathan Loh

And of course, PETER is also connected to the Jewel Smart Operation Centre, allowing the robot’s status to be monitored and its patrol to be viewed remotely via live video streaming.

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