Job Management: Pro Software Profitable to Small Trades

Job Management: Pro Software Profitable to Small Trades

Small businesses are the backbone of any economy. Generating a hefty sum of revenue along with many employment opportunities, they have many pros. However if not organised properly, the cons will soon outweigh and your trade can turn into a chaotic nightmare.

To eliminate any such scenario, take advantage of modern technology such as job management softwares and ensure your trade work goes as smooth as possible. To aid you in your search, we have narrowed down the top job management softwares built specifically to cater to the requirements of new startups and businesses.

1.     WorkForce

A software designed with smart, cloud-based technology and boasting an impressive selection of entrepreneurial tools, this is the ultimate dream for any trade.This app not only digitises time, maintains schedules but also increases productivity and consequentially boosts sales. WorkForce has under its wing an impressive array of features such as:

  • Invoicing and Quoting on the run
  • Scheduling in seconds
  • Keeping customers connected
  • Have the team in the loop
  • Easy collaboration
  • Instant Data backup.

It is specifically optimised for businesses that are just starting out and you’ll benefit greatly from its features such as reducing lengthy paperwork and spreadsheets. You’re no longer required to produce long excel sheets to detail your project and make columns for deadlines and so on.

Everything is substantially easier and assigning tasks to crew members is only a few clicks away! WorkForce also stores your data, invoices and other important receipts to aid in your future endeavours.

The best part is the prompt customer support, you can always hit up their service for all sorts of assistance and they’ll guide you appropriately!

2.     SuiteDash

This all-in-one software suite combines the sweetest client experience with extreme customer satisfaction. Boasting toolkits and pre-built automations it provides you with an easy and affordable method to streamline your trade.

 You can even effortlessly collaborate with your team through the software portal and make running your business a delightful experience. Check out the handy features SuiteDash comes with:

  • CRM Tracking Funnel
  • Integrated Calendar
  • File Exchange/Sharing
  • Easy Billing
  • Time Management
  • Proofing tool

The best part about this app is the new CRM Tracking Tool using which not only can you create, assign and bill projects but even shoot crew a follow-up email or phone call to ensure efficiency!

3.     EvoPos

This versatile software offers a solution to many jobs such as stocks, accounts, trades and with its comprehensive features and top-notch interface, it is most suitable for small businesses in their initial stages.

The modular structure and advanced detailing feature, EvoPos lets you keep track of even the smallest of details. Notable features include:

  • Inventory Tool
  • CRM and Marketing
  • Automatic Pricing

EvoPos benefits from its intuitive software and uses it to predict up-sells and automate pricing.It can even provide extensive sales information when you’re confused about a product.

4.     Job Progress:

This platform is an information sharing and field management software for contractors and small trades. It provides excellent strategies and success tips for new ventures. With a clean and easy interface, communication and collaboration can be done with ease. Tools include:

  • Customisable Job Management app
  • Remote business overview
  • Fast estimation, quotation and scheduling
  • Instant contracts

It offers a wide set of tools to aid you in your entrepreneurial successes!

5.     Kiwili

This billing and management software with an easy interface and cloud backup is the best for any small trade. Notable Features include:

  • Estimation
  • Quick invoicing
  • File Sharing
  • Business analysis

Prioritising customer relationships and productivity, this software is a must-have for any business. It will not only aid you in professional invoicing and quotations but also keep a contact database to keep in touch with clients and bookmark their details.


A business has shaky foundations in its initial stages however once you’re on a roll it is impossible to slow down and the ride only goes higher and higher with productivity ripping charts and sales shredding the roofs. All it needs is some good old patience and a good job management software that will become your personal secretary.

You can add in memos, create projects, observe project updates and be notified about everything related to your tasks, it is truly the ultimate entrepreneurial dream.

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