John Lithgow Debuts Insane Rudy Giuliani Impression on ‘Colbert’ – The Daily Beast

Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon has some fierce new competition in the political impression department from none other than Emmy and Tony-winning actor John Lithgow.

Lithgow has already played Bill Clinton on Broadway, Winston Churchill on The Crown (and told me he wants to play Donald Trump on the show next). Soon he will appear as the late Fox News founder Roger Ailes in the upcoming film Bombshell. But on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, he debuted his Rudy Giuliani. And it was something to behold.

After Colbert played a montage of the real Giuliani “doing damage control, minus the control” on cable news and gave a breakdown of just how bad things have been going for the president’s personal lawyer, Lithgow appeared “via satellite” in full-on Rudy makeup to tell his side of the story.

Before the host could get out a question, Giuliani started shushing him. “Mr. Mayor, how do you respond to critics who say that you were traveling the world pushing debunked conspiracies as part of a scheme to help the president’s re-election?” Colbert asked when he could finally get a word in.


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