Just keep swimming

It was the rainy season and two frogs were jumping along the green valleys, enjoying a long bath. After playing in the rain, the frogs felt hungry and went jumping into a kitchen hole nearby. Finding an abundance of tasty food, they ate and ate until they could hardly move.

Hoping for a nice rest, the frogs tumbled into the nearest pot, but to their dismay, they found it half full of cold boiled milk. The poor frogs had to swim and swim, when all they wanted was a good sleep. They tried with all their resources and strength to somehow jump out of the pot, but due to its contents and slippery sides, they could not. They were so exhausted, but the only thing they could do was keep swimming.

Finally, one frog said, ‘What is the use? I would rather die and be done.’ Saying so, he rolled over and let himself drown. The other frog refused to succumb. He kept swimming all the same. At last, he felt so heavy that he fell asleep. Next day, when the frog awoke, to his utter astonishment he found himself on a hard surface that enabled him to jump out of the pot. As soon as he got home, he told everyone about the great miracle.

The truth was, so much swimming had turned the milk into butter. So, the saints say that struggle is an essential part of sadhana. The aspirant who struggles until completely exhausted and then lies still in surrender, finds himself saved.


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