Kellyanne Conway wonders about a House impeachment vote – Politico

Conway pointedly noted that many House Democrats represents districts won by Trump in 2016, further complicating their decisions.

“Those Democrats, especially the ones who represent the 31 Trump-Pence districts from ‘16, they have to go back home and say, ‘I know I promised to lower your drug prices. I know I promised to keep this great economy going on. I know I promised trade deals like USMCA, but we’re busy impeaching a president.'” Conway said. “And they’re getting blowback for that.”

“So,” she said, “I think for those Democrats … it’s not completely certain yet.”

If there is a Senate trial, Conway said, “That’ll be more familiar to most Americans.

“We’ll be able to call witnesses. We’ll be able to challenge their witnesses, produce other evidence,” she said. “And those witnesses may include the whistleblower, and I would say his attorney.”


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