Khadim Bâ: The Ambitious Senegalese with the Golden Touch

Goodness wouldn’t know how to lie. Indeed, in the middle of the XXth century, Khadim Bâ’s grandfather, Idrissa Gueye from Kaolack, a billionaire, had already made a fortune by carrying out large financial operations at the time of decolonisation and independence, developing, in particular, a good business in the groundnut trade.

Khadim Bâ follows in the footsteps of his grandfather. Today, he’s a businessman in a hurry, indulging in new projects. The description suits him well because, at the age of 23, he was already general manager deputy of Carrefour Automobiles, one of the largest companies in Senegal. To retrace Khadim Bâ’s career is to go back in time much further than 1983, the year he was born in Dakar in the Senegal. He left only but temporarily to study in top ranked schools.

General Director Deputy At 23

By the time he came of age, Khadim Bâ knew he would follow in the footsteps of his family role models. He studied business administration in Paris before heading off to HEC Montreal where he obtained a bachelor’s degree also in business administration, specialising in the management of hydrocarbon-related activities. At the same time, he joined the purchasing department of Sosetra, the Senegalese processing company, and then worked for BMW AG Bank before embracing a short-lived career as a reviewer bookkeeper.

It was in 2005, at the age of 23, that the Board of Directors appointed him Deputy Managing Director of Carrefour Automobiles. The young Bâ didn’t just play a walk-on part in his position. He led real projects that helped his company to develop.

In 2010, he acquired Locafrique, a company specialised in firm financing in the West African region. Locafrique, which remains under the Carrefour Automobiles umbrella as a subsidiary, works with farmers and local businesses. Khadim Bâ, armed with excellent managerial skills, was able to get his new company’s activities back on track. Appointed Managing Director of Locafrique, he succeeded in building a substantial financial empire, supporting numerous projects in a dynamic context such as those written about on sites like

Turning Dakar into the West African Rotterdam

Eight years after taking up his duties at Locafrique, Khadim Bâ took on an even greater dimension when, with the help of his family, he bought 34% of the shares in SAR, Société Africaine de Raffinage. Eventually, the young entrepreneur was able to make use of his studies in the field of hydrocarbon production. As early as his bachelor’s degree in Canada, he contemplated Dakar as the hub for the transport of black gold in West Africa, to make Senegal the “African Rotterdam”. Located in Mbao, near Dakar, the SAR supplies many regions of Senegal with energy via gas, petrol, diesel, fuel oil, and kerosene.

Renowned as an uncompromising businessman, a visionary entrepreneur, and a formidable leader of men, Khadim Bâ has unlimited ambition. Devoting his life to Senegal and, more generally, to the development of the African continent, this father of four is also a generous philanthropist. In 2021, with the aim of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, he signed a cheque for 500,000 USD at the summit organised by the African Union. In addition, he distributed 1,500,000 USD worth of food to the neediest in his country. He also financed the renovation and equipping of the socio-medical centre for the war disabled and invalids, Keur Jambar Yi.

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