Landfill coupons issued in lieu of citywide cleanup – Holyoke Enterprise

The bad news? This is the third year that the city of Holyoke is not organizing a citywide cleanup due to pandemic issues and staffing shortages.

The good news? The city has an alternative for residents this year.

On July 1, residents were mailed two coupons that are each good for one free load that they can take to Phillips County Landfill between now and Dec. 31.

Holyoke City Council approved the coupons at its June 21 meeting. It was noted at the meeting that the city consulted with the county, and the county does something similar for its rural residents.

Phillips County is not charging the city for the loads taken to the landfill through this program, so the only cost to the city was the mailing of the coupons.

The coupons should not be used by commercial trash haulers or businesses.

Each coupon is good for up to 5 tons of waste per vehicle, and it should be presented to the scale attendant prior to dumping.

Items that will be accepted free of charge are trash, trees, metal and cement.

Items that will be charged standard landfill fees are processed wood, electronics, tires (off the rims), shingles, campers/boats and ag bags.

Prohibited items include all hazardous materials, such as liquid paint, pesticides, asbestos, used oil, fertilizer, tires on rims and appliances with freon (refrigerators, freezers, air conditions, water coolers).

Residents should separate mixed loads to avoid sorting fees.


Other business

Also at the June 21 meeting, the council:

— Approved the hiring of Lance Talich as a building permit technician and code enforcement officer at $20/hour beginning mid-July.

— Approved lowering the insurance requirement for utility terrain vehicles to $500,000, noting that it will need to be changed on the ordinance.

— Approved a quote from E-Z Irrigation for $9,500 to install a water line in the 100 block of West Kunkel Street.

— Approved an unplanned purchase request from Holyoke Police Department for a $3,536 copier.

— Tabled the discussion on joining or opting out of the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance program.

— Approved adjusting Duane Werner’s wages to $22.04/hour to reflect a 5.9% cost of living raise.

— Approved a wage increase to $13.31/hour for the following lifeguards who earned their water safety instructor certificates: Sabryn Burris, Aly Lock, Tayla Martin and Ethan Schneller.

— Approved hiring Katelyn Kropp and Adison Goldenstein as lifeguards at $12.56/hour.

— Approved renewing the annual lease agreement with Holyoke Golf Club Inc.

— Approved special event permits for Holyoke Chamber of Commerce for July 16, Aug. 20, Sept. 17 and Oct. 15.

— Approved the sending of notice to the Phillips County clerk that the city will be participating in the Nov. 8 coordinated election for city council candidates.

— Heard a report from Superintendent Mark Brown regarding the recent duties of city departments.

— Heard a report from HPD Chief Doug Bergstrom. He noted that HPD is monitoring the cleanup at 107 S. Reynolds Ave. He also said the turnout was way down at this year’s dog clinic.

— Heard a report from recreation director Victoria Dunker. She introduced intern Adison Goldenstein and updated the board on summer baseball and golf programs.

— Heard from visitors Gary and Jill Herr, who asked what can be set in place so that the police can do something with the dogs they catch.

— Held a 20-minute executive session for a personnel matter.


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