Last-Minute Filers Make Indianola's Municipal Primary Even More Interesting – Enterprise-Tocsin

The doors of City Hall were closed and locked at 5 p.m. on Friday, and that also ended the opportunity for anyone else to qualify for the upcoming municipal election.

However, an 11th-hour flurry of applications just before Friday’s deadline resulted in possible opponents for all but two positions.

Incumbent Gary Fratesi is the only one who has submitted documents for the Ward 1 Alderman seat and incumbent Darrell Simpson is the only one who has presented documents to run in Ward 2.

Keeping in mind that none of the applicants have been certified by the Indianola Municipal Democratic Executive Committee, but have only filed qualifying papers, it appears that Toniesha Jones could face incumbent Ruben Woods for the Ward 3 alderman position. In addition, two people have file their intent to run against Alderman Marvin Elder for the Ward 4 position according to Democratic Executive Committee Chairman David Rushing. Dr. Jessica Everett James and Dreifus Smith have submitted qualifying documents for that seat.

Alderman Sam Brock could also have two opponents for the Ward 5 position, Carolyn McCarty and Rosland Love also met the 5 p.m. deadline.

Also, only two people filed qualifying documents for the Indianola mayor’s race, incumbent Steve Rosenthal and challenger Kenneth Featherstone.

Three of the four Democratic Executive Committee members are also running for re-election unopposed, Cynthia Armstrong, David Rushing and Foster King’s names will be on the ballot. The fourth member, Doug Card has decided not to run for re-election.

Rushing said that per an earlier conversation with the election commissioners, no independent candidates have filed qualifying documents to his knowledge and if that remains true there will not be a need for a general election in December.

The Democratic Primary is set for October 12 and those results could determine who will take office in January of 2022.

Since at least two of the races have more than two candidates, a runoff is possible and if a runoff becomes necessary that will be held November 2.


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