Law Firm Launches a Series of Cyber Security Training Courses – Business Telegraph

Law Firm Launches a Series of Cyber Security Training Courses - Business Telegraph

A leading US and UK-based law firm has launched a round of cyber security training videos and courses – due to a surge in cyber attacks that continue to strike businesses year after year.

Reflecting on the last year, UK businesses received more than 686,961 attempts on a breach of their online systems, with some large casualties suffered by the likes of Manchester United Football Club, Facebook and Linkedin.

Recognising this, law firm RQC Group has set up a series of eLearning videos, to help businesses become more aware of potential cyber attacks and how to create a cyber aware culture within their organisations.

Cyber attacks can manifest in a number of ways, from phishing scams, hacking, suspicious malware, data breaches or just stealing customer data. With an increase in remote working, this also presents new challenges, with staff taking valuable data to and from work, whilst using personal computers and laptops which may not be as secure.

A spokesperson from RQC Group said: “Our cyber security courses range from 45 to 120 mins, making them concise and informative – and there is a Q and A at the end of each to consolidate your learning. Our courses are CPD accredited, which provides your staff with a certificate upon completion.”

“The main benefit of eLearning courses is that they can be accessed any place, anytime or anywhere, making them very accessible and effective during the COVID pandemic.”

“We know that employee training is down at the moment due to the covid and the ability to visit seminars and conferences is presented with certain challenges and costs. But with eLearning, this is simplified so you can start, pause, rewind and pick up training material as you wish.”

The firm’s cyber security courses range from £20.00 to £45.00 and include different levels starting from introductory, comprehensive to advanced. The series of eLearning videos are part of a large online training collection offered by the RQC Group which includes information on anti-money laundering, FCA and SEC compliance and regulation.

How Can Companies Prevent Cyber Attacks?

At a basic level, changing and reviewing your passwords for different devices can be very valuable, including adding extra protection when working from home, such as the use of VPNs or antivirus software.

Furthermore, training staff to notice and identify potential cyber threats is key – from avoiding suspicious looking emails, logging out of various softwares or tools, or very simply shutting down your computer after hours.

Creating a company culture where employees think about cyber security regularly can be very valuable. But making sure that any training sessions are constantly topped up and revised, whether it is through further training, signs around the office and email reminders to make people value cyber security more.

Beyond this, there are higher level precautions you can take, including the use of a penetration testing company to identify your vulnerabilities and suggest a number of ways to prevent future attacks. This can be achieved by adding firewalls and dedicated servers to offer more protection.

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