As a business owner, you know the importance of maintaining business processes, such as inventory management, completing transactions, and tracking your employees’ schedules. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a tool that supported all of these processes and more?

Meet the electronic point of sale (ePOS) system. Despite the name, an ePOS system can automate and streamline much more than sales and transactions. Today’s modern systems are designed to benefit many different businesses processes, making them easier to manage through the use of automation.

But before you set out to find the best ePOS system for your business, we’ve done some of the hard work for you. Here are some of the leading ePOS systems in the UK that are sure to greatly benefit your company.


It should come as no surprise that Quickbooks has entered the ePOS industry. Quickbooks is a highly recognized name in the accounting world, which paved the perfect path for the brand to create a retail ePOS system.

This system is extremely powerful, allowing a business to track inventory, sales, customers, and much more. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Tracking and rewarding customers
  • Quick checkout
  • Inventory tracking
  • Traditional and EMV payment options

Another great perk that comes with the Quickbooks ePOS system is hardware compatibility. Quickbooks’ system is designed for flawless use on the Surface Pro, which makes the system even more modern and mobile. The system also supports other hardware, including barcode scanners, card readers receipt printers, and others.

Quickbooks offers three different plans for using its ePOS system. The more features you need, the more expensive the plan is. The company’s basic plan starts at $1,200, with the pro option costing $1,700. If you’re looking or all of the bells and whistles, including multi-store support, expect to pay $1,900.

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Plans are a one-time purchase, and before you buy, you can try out the free 30-day trial.

Lightspeed Retail EPOS

More than 50,000 businesses use Lightspeed Retail EPOS. This system is unique in that the vendor focused on creating a system that benefits omnichannel retail. So if you conduct business out of a brick and mortar store but also run online stores, this may be the ePOS for you. Lightspeed Retail EPOS allows business owners to manage all of their stores using the same system.

If you’re a small business looking for breakthrough growth, you’ll be pleased to know that Lightspeed Retail EPOS can help your business to grow by 20% in just one year!

As one of the top ePOS systems used in the UK, Lightspeed Retail EPOS offers a variety of features. With this system, there are features to account for reporting and analytics, inventory, integrated payments, cloud-based mobility, omnichannel support, and much more.

Unlike most ePOS vendors, Lightspeed offers individual quotes for each business, but there are monthly plans available. The most widely used plan costs £69/month. But, before you commit to the system, sign up for the 14-day free trial, which gives you plenty of time to interact with the system to decide if it meets your needs.


EPOS Now is one of the most popularly used ePOS systems in the UK, serving more than 30,000 businesses. The system, which includes hardware and software, processes more than £2 billion annually. What’s great about the system is that it’s designed to work both online and offline, while also integrating a variety of payment option methods.

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Another cool benefit of using EPOS Now is that the system has access to its own app store. This allows the system to be able to connect to a wide range of other commonly used business tools such as:

  • MailChimp
  • WordPress
  • Appointedd
  • MailChimp
  • Zapper
  • Magento

So no matter if you’re a growing small business or a booming retailer, you can reap the benefits of this ePOS system.

Some of the key features of EPOS Now include it’s simple to use interface, inventory control, customizable receipts, integrated payments, and flexible promotions. The system can even be used to start and manage a powerful customer loyalty program.

Depending on your budget, EPOS Now offers three different packages. The first package, which is a software-only solution, costs £499 upfront or £25 a month. A full tablet solution costs £549, and the complete solution costs £1199. The company also offers additional hardware.

To see if EPOS Now is the system for you, be sure to sign up for the 30-day free trial. This way, you can get a hands-on experience of how the system looks and works.


There’s no shortage of ePOS systems in the UK, but having so many options makes the decision process even harder. If you’re looking for a trusted system that will greatly benefit many of your business’ most important processes and functions, consider trying one of these three systems.


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