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“I am truly excited about the opportunity I have with the Verizon Thrive Apprenticeship Program. I initially applied to the apprenticeship because I believe it is an opportunity that has come full circle for me. At the top of the Covid pandemic, I was impacted and laid off from a 25-year accounting career in the oil and gas industry. 

Not knowing when the industry would pick back up and wanting to arm myself with new skills, I saw a newscast here in Dallas where Shaun Rabb, the CEO of Generation, was talking about the partnership with Verizon to develop opportunities in tech through non-traditional means. I was excited to hear about an opportunity that would change my life for the better. 

It was a long shot, but I took on the challenge and signed up for Generation’s Junior Cloud Practitioner program in November 2020. I completed the program gaining my AWS Cloud Practitioner certification in February 2021. This opportunity with Verizon is a dream come true for me.” – Erica Newman

“A friend of mine sent me some information about Generation and I immediately applied. She knew I needed a new career — something that could facilitate unlimited growth, financial security, and where I could have satisfaction in seeing the results of my work. 

My career advisor at Generation sent us information about the Verizon Thrive Apprenticeship program, which I was especially excited about. Before Generation/Verizon, I was the manager for a local boutique that focused on making sustainable, healthy treats. Before that, I was the senior manager at a local environmental non-profit. 

I am so thrilled to now say that I am part of the Verizon Thrive Apprenticeship! To be able to learn from the best at a company that is constantly innovating in a truly impactful way is an irreplaceable experience. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to learn in such a supported way with the extended boot camps through Multiverse, our Multiverse coach and Verizon Host-Manager, and a team of fellow apprentices that are geared up with grit and growth mindsets. I can’t wait to start learning and building with Verizon!” – Amanda Renfro


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