Lepidolite: Meaning, Properties & Powers

Lepidolite: Meaning, Properties & Powers

If you find yourself attracted to stones and crystals with bright purple coloring and extensive marbling, lepidolite might just be the gem for you. “Striking” doesn’t even begin to describe this otherworldly stone. It simply grabs your gaze and hypnotizes you with its beauty; there’s no escaping it.

But its appeal doesn’t only lie in its appearances. Lepidolite is a rare gem with unique properties and great power. So, let’s take a closer look at the lepidolite stone meaning, its most attractive characteristics, and healing powers.

What Is Lepidolite?

If you’ve been into crystal healing for a while but haven’t heard of lepidolite until now, don’t worry. It’s a rare gem that not many people know about. It belongs to a family of mica minerals and boasts a beautiful, deep pink, purple, or red color. Less frequently, you might find colorless or yellow lepidolite.

But unlike purple sapphire or amethyst, which are often translucent and uniform in color, lepidolite is pearly. It has extensive white streaks and marbling, which adds another beautiful dimension to this gem.

Lepidolite needs particular conditions to be created. It can only form in environments with high lithium concentrations. Since such geochemical conditions are somewhat rare, the gem itself is relatively rare as well. Natural deposits of lepidolite can be found in Japan, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, and Western Australia, among other countries.

Compared to other precious stones, lepidolite is relatively soft, going from 2.5 to 3.5 on the Mohs scale. When used as a gem in jewelry, it often needs to be impregnated with quartz for added strength and appeal. Since quartz acts as an amplifier of other gemstones and crystals, this combination often yields the most powerful results.

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The Healing Properties of Lepidolite

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, and cannot focus, lepidolite might prove to be the most useful stone to have. It’s a powerful healer, helping to ease your anxieties, alleviate emotional and mental pain, and ensure balance. After all, lepidolite comes from the Greek words “lepidos” – “scale” and “lithos” – “stone,” so balancing things is in its nature.

Unsurprisingly, it’s also associated with the Libra Zodiac sign. While it’s not a traditional birthstone and doesn’t have a specific associated month, it’s best-suited for Libras who want to achieve an improved life balance.

It’s believed that lepidolites have excellent emotional healing properties. It helps you find peace and calm, eases your fears and worries, and alleviates emotional pain and grief.

As far as its physical healing properties are concerned, lepidolite is said to be great for strengthening your immune system and helping you fight allergies. It’s also useful as a pain reliever for those with sciatica.

The Grandmother Stone

Lepidolite is commonly known as the Grandmother Stone or the Peace Stone due to its calming and nurturing effects. It offers comfort, helps you feel better, and stabilizes your mood. That’s why it can be of such great help to those struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and bipolar disorder.

This precious stone is also commonly associated with the third eye chakra, which brings wisdom, knowledge, and power and connects you with the spiritual world, and that’s why it’s called the Grandmother Stone.

Unlike many other gems and crystals that tend to overpower your emotions and give you more energy and zest, lepidolite simply brings peace. It won’t have you jumping with joy or screaming with happiness. It will bring tranquility and balance, self-reflection, and make you more content with your life.

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Best Crystal Combinations With Lepidolite

While lepidolite is powerful and soothing, it doesn’t have as strong energy as other healing crystals. That’s why it’s best to use it in combination with other healers.

As mentioned, lepidolite gems are often impregnated with quartz. Clear quartz is one of the strongest crystals, often referred to as the Master Healer. It will amplify and channel the power of any gem you combine it with. So, if your lepidolite isn’t already impregnated with quartz, make sure to use it in combination with this crystal.

Lepidolite has other powerful crystal combinations that can be used for different purposes. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Apache Tears – pebbles of obsidian, Apache Tears combined with lepidolite will bring relief to grieving patients. This combination will fill you with happiness.
  • Opal – this powerful fiery crystal will bring happiness when combined with lepidolite.
  • Smoky Quartz – having the same amplifying power as clear quartz, Smoky Quartz is the perfect choice to go with lepidolite. It eliminates negativity and brings joy and peace.
  • Obsidian – this beautiful black crystal is a powerful protector who will shield you from the negative energy. Combined with lepidolite, it will alleviate your emotional pain and bring you harmony.
  • Agate – this nurturing stone will help you achieve spiritual calmness when combined with lepidolite and open your third eye to connect you with divinity.

Final Thoughts

This rare, astounding stone is perfect for those who are trying to achieve greater balance and harmony. Lepidolite is calming and nurturing, and it will alleviate your mental and spiritual state when used.

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