Letter: Bashing those who report the news – Chico Enterprise-Record

A recent Chico E-R article titled, “Campers in Bidwell Park leave as city prepares sweeps,” focused on the eviction notices and the comments and stories of people affected by it. What their plans are, how they became houseless and the daily struggles of having no place to safely shelter. Otherwise known as reporting. It captures the nuances and travails of life without a roof from multiple perspectives, fully utilizing the limited print space newspapers provide.

The Chico E-R Facebook page article commenters expecting irreverent and deliberately misleading missives against destitute citizens would be well satiated by trolling the numerous social media groups dedicated to bashing the bash-able, and leave reporting to the hard-working beat writers and editors doing their job with a high level of proficiency and integrity.

— Bill Mash, Chico



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