Letter: Gun owner favors stricter gun laws – Chico Enterprise-Record

Bad and good news this last. Bad: Green tennis shoes. Little green tennis shoes. Little green tennis shoes with a heart drawn on them. Little green tennis shoes with a heart drawn on them as the only way to identify (listening to that was like being punched in the gut) the body of a little girl.

No, I am not a Democrat. Yes I am a firearm owner. Yes some of my firearms have detachable magazines. Thoughts and prayers alone does not cut it anymore. We have to register vehicles. If you want to work in the medical field, law enforcement, fire department, you have to have a background check. You have to be 21 to drink. Time to bring up gun laws to this parallel.

Viewing never before seen video, which ran longer then the normal 20 second news feed on TV. This was shown during the committee investigation. Totally creeped me out. Thinking how the officers must have been filled with terror while facing that mob, all the while they stood their ground and tried to hold the line. Listening to the one female officer explaining how she was slipping in blood, and vomit from fellow officers. Good news: 31 lowdown curs zip-tied kneeling on the ground in the grass. Prevented from their terrorist plans. All dressed the same getting pulled out of a U-haul like a clown car. A Russian helicopter setting up for a low level gun run, kissing a Ukrainian Stugna missile head on. Trump’s lies being exposed.

— Mike McCarty, Palermo



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