Letter: Killers will always find a way to kill – Chico Enterprise-Record

There’s another predictable panic to blame inanimate objects for the insane actions of the new American maniac.

Maybe the problem is not the gun laws. Maybe it’s who we are.

Anyone paying attention knows that the people demanding more restrictive gun laws are the same deep thinkers that have been persistently remodeling our culture for several decades.

One of their bright ideas was Roe v. Wade. It was decided killing unborn children was a good idea. That quickly grew into a popular form of birth control. Until then, unenlightened folks imagined that killing children might be wrong.

After winning WWII, we somehow got the idea it was America’s duty to force democracy onto the whole world. Since then, our defense industry has flourished in the lucrative business of killing undemocratic foreigners.

As a bonus to our changed culture, our legal system has been openly politicized.

The traditional family has been devalued and ridiculed.

Life matters in America only in the abstract now, when we’re moralizing or clucking over the news.

What a surprise that some young idiots think going on a killing spree is a good idea.

Let’s go ahead and take away their guns, assuming that’s possible. Even crazy people are smart enough to switch methods. There’re always cars, McVeigh style explosives, poison gas, arson, you name it. There’s an unlimited variety of methods for imaginative nut cases and their copy cat admirers.

But let’s keep passing more gun laws. We’ll all feel better about ourselves for it.

— Jack McWherter, Cherokee



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