Letter: Ongoing reports of alleged election fraud – Chico Enterprise-Record

A recent article on the Internet made the claim that the voting machines used by 28 states deliberately removed 6% of all votes cast for Republican candidates. No votes for Democratic candidates were removed in this manner.

A court-ordered audit of the Dominion Company voting machines used in Michigan found that the machines were “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

A second article reported that Dominion company voting machines used in New Hampshire “removed 6% of votes” from those cast for GOP candidates.

Fraud and more fraud being reported and caused by the use of Dominion Company machines. Now guess what company provides voting machines to California. You’re right, it was Dominion Company that provided those machines that California has used.

Do you still believe the Democratic Party and their lies about no fraud being found in the 2020 election?

The Fake News media are still going after President Trump. They can’t understand that he is not in office any longer. Maybe they are afraid that he will come back again and really help America understand and believe that the 2020 Presidential election was rife with fraud and that Democrat voters were lied to from the beginning by the news media and the Democratic Party to get a Socialist into the presidency?

— Ronald Steinke, Chico



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