The back-biting and pettiness continues from the liberal press and networks. President Donald Trump came to California, as he should have, to inspect the horrible disaster in Paradise and surrounding areas. Yet our “friends” on this left side of the aisle are constantly looking, sometimes with a magnifying glass, to distort and skew anything that leaves the man’s lips. He came to provide words of hope for the victims and promises of federal aid, yet he is vilified relentlessly.

I understand the liberals’ desperation and fear they have for their future since we now have a president who will fight for our nation and not dilute our power and influence like the previous president. America is rediscovering its backbone and we now have a president who will not bow down or back down to foreign leaders. He stands up straight and strong while doing what he should be doing and that is restoring the backbone that America was losing with the previous administration.

Thank you Mr. President for coming to California in our time of need. It will take many years, dollars and hard work to repair and rebuild the damage done to our friends’ and neighbors’ homes and businesses lost in the fires, but it is nice to know that our president has our backs and will help our region come back from the devastating fires. Mr. President, thank you again for being the leader we need in times like these.

— Chris Nicodemus, Chico


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