Letter: Workers in ridge care facilities were heroic – Chico Enterprise-Record

I want to shine a light on unsung heroes of the Camp Fire. My job is to recruit, train and support people who want to give back to our society by becoming advocates in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. Their job is make sure the residents are treated with dignity, that their rights are not violated, and that they receive the best care possible. The care facilities in Paradise more than met the expectations of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.

The truth is, the administrators and staffs of the care facilities on the ridge were heroes. Every facility in Paradise burned to the ground yet not one resident in any of them lost their life. The staffs and administrators made sure that all residents were safe. They were that last ones out of the buildings after checking that all residents were safe. Often the building was burning when they left.

I want our community to know just how caring and professional the workers and administrators were in this catastrophe. They have my undying gratitude for their heroic actions.

— David E. Beveridge, Chico


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